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Cool Bihari: August 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005


For a change a call for Patna Open made good headline.These events just show the kind of sensitivity the yound school going kids have these days.Cool Bihari feels that initiative like these will go a long way in creating a new society of conscious and responsible citizens.
Unlike those who never fail to critisize but run away when entrusted with responsibilities and fail to act ,these kids have shown us how to respond to challenges in society.
History shows that change can only be brought about by mass collective conscious action.And here's a change for good.

PATNA: The “Patna Open” call given by a voluntary organisation, Oxygen, on 14th August Sunday had a mixed response with several schools holding classes and staging demonstrations. However, the markets of the state capital wore their usual Sunday look.
Even in schools which remained open several students skipped classes and preferred to remain at home. The “Patna Open” call was given by Oxygen in protest against kidnapping of schoolchildren and frequent calls for bandhs and blockades given by various organisations which disrupts teaching in schools. Students of Premalok Mission School formed a human chain near Chiraiyatand bridge in protest against bandhs called by different political parties on different issues. Placards such as “No bandh only work” were displayed.
The students of DAV School, Walmi, attended their classes in large numbers on Sunday. Apart from holding regular classes, the school held a “prayer assembly” and hawan. The state IMA has thanked its members for keeping their clinics and nursing homes open on Sunday. The organisation’s secretary Sachchidanand Kumar said that they had supported the call of “Patna Open” against kidnapping, murder and demand for ransom. Other schools of DAV group, Baldwin High School, International School, Gyan Niketan, Krishna Niketan and several other schools remained open. Students of several schools took out processions and formed human chains with placards to protest against frequent bandhs and processions.
Oxygen founder Binod Singh said that it was a non-violent way of sending a message to the people that children must not be made soft targets in any form of violence and also to highlight the fact that education was more important than other issues.

Source : TOI ,Patna

Some New Changes

Let me thank all the members for introducing some highly relevant polls on the group.

I must say that the question raised were highly relevant for the group’s concern.Its nice to know that members share a common vision and mission for a better and progressive Bihar. This has encouraged me to bring about some new changes for better organized discussion on the group.

1) I plan to introduce a topic of the week, each member will be required to share his views and then finally we’ll summarize the thoughts with concrete action plan.

2) All members will now be required compulsorily to post at least one message every week. I don’t encourage passive participation. Fence sitters are not welcome at least in this group, we need guys who can think, plan and execute.

3) Also members must submit their database regularly; I also invite members to share anything and everything which they are interested in. May be technology, music and every thing of your interest.

I hope to get positive involvement and better participation

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Enterprise Bihar-Change in Attitude

Gautam I thank you for taking this discussion to a new level, infact now I feel that our group has started discussing some real issues.
Since we have been in regular touch for the past few years I feel that now the time has come for some real action. While going through your mail my heart was filled with great admiration and sincere appreciation for your noble thoughts and ideas(actions too).
You truly inspire others and also encourage others to think beyong their mundane existence and add a touch of excellence and passion in their lives. Let me explain few things in detail here:
The first and foremost initiative to bring about change would be to bring about a positive change of mindset and imrpoving attitud towards life in Bihar.

This would mean speaking good and spreading good news about the place.Infact we often say that we choose what we want to be ,Happy or Sad.Since you have been to various parts of the world and interacted with many people i guess we all know that every region in the world has some serious challenges to conquer.

For America it may be racism for,for Britain its multi-culturism and for Africa its home grown strife.But all great countries have one thing in common they are proud of their past and despite all odds have innate self belief in positive outcomes.They see these social annomalies as transitory in nature and have great faith in their system.
However i feel that its exactly the opposite in our State's case,despite all good things happening we find that citizens have fallen in a morbid viscious trap of self criticism and self denial. In other words we have made ourself victims of our own thoughts.

People who are staying outside Bihar are also victims of same mindset.I request all to ponder over these thoughts and share their views.


Enterprise Bihar Post 03

The message, which I posted yesterday (Subject: - Change -), is onlythe first in an extensive series.
I am preparing an exposition on Development of Bihar, which is exploring opportunities andformulating strategies to bring some well-designed change. In the course of development of these mind-sets, numerous thoughts havestormed me and I have attempted to carve them down.
The basic course of action and our responsibilities which I have elaboratelydiscussed in my previous message and the upcoming ones to follow;amounted to my psyche probably around 10 months back and I have been arduously working to strengthen those ideas by propagating it to asmany minds as possible that are in agreement to those thoughts.
The writings not only demand a genial reading, but also incarnate actions to realize our imaginings.Thank you for your support and the constructive feelings you extended to me for initiating such a discussion which is of much value to the fortitude of all of us. I did not write much right in first message, because it was an approach to build an atmosphere which is specific though neutral, and is inviting to all kinds of gestures and ideas to discover the utmost possibilities in the concerned direction.
I assure that my writings will not only foreground the problems, but would also devise prospective solutions and promising fields to explore in which we can collectively excel.On being designated as an initiator, I would like to state at this instant that I am further working for a few months now, to start a business enterprise in Bihar and very sanguinely look at this opportunity. I am not deterred by the menial influences of inept and evil circumstances which do bootlessly try to envelop us today.
I have lived all my life in Bihar and understand the ergonomics of the trade and technology involved in a start-up in the state. I pursued my academics in the United States of America earning a Master'sdegree in Business Administration [MBA]. I graduated with a degree in Global Business Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, which taught me the mechanics of Human Resources and sharpened my Entrepreneurial abilities.
I am enthusiastic to initiate and establish some work in the state of Bihar and adjacent areas, so as to become a mild facilitator to the economic growth and societal success of the region in whatsoever manner I can be, large or little. Well, my education and experience has trained me to be adaptable and adjusting, and I do not look disapprovingly to any region in the country to start my profession; but my kinship to Bihar incontestably compels me to do some thing for my native soil.
Posted by Gautam


Friends of Bihar(FOB)

Expatriates play friend in bank's US office

NEW DELHI: For an institution used only to 'performance' and 'reform', the World Bank's report on Bihar would be a cathartic experience.
Why Bihar? What can it offer to bank in terms of reforms and performance?
The idea to help emanated from an almost-feudal belief that if Bihar cannot help itself, let the Bank help the state.
A similar belief is behind helping other poor states like UP, Jharkhand and Orissa. How far sympathy gets translated into action would be known only later.
What makes the Bihar initiative unique is the role of Bihari expatriates in the bank's Washington office. An informal group called 'Friends of Bihar' (FOB) pushed the state's case even as the Bank's Country Assistance Survey (2005-08) was talking of engaging non-performing states. The FOB was initiated by Ajaz Ghani, a senior staffer in Washington.
I guess this just shows how important it is for all of us to be aware of our individual responsibilities as an individual citizens.

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A BETTER BIHAR-Picture of Hope

WB paints picture of hope for Bihar
Source: TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2005 02:20:40 AM ]

NEW DELHI: This is the Bihar story: of persistent poverty, complex social stratification, non-existent infrastructure and weak governance.
The problems are well known, but not well understood. But this is also a story of hope — that Bihar can build on its successes and strengths. The World Bank has just come out with a report on what’s wrong with Bihar and what needs to be done. Entitled "Bihar: Towards a development strategy", the report aims at drawing policy attention to India's third largest state of 83 million which is also home to one-seventh of the country's poor.
The main message of the report is one of hope. One need look no further than the Comfed dairy cooperative, Muzaffarpur's national literacy campaign or the Paliganj participatory irrigation management experience as examples of excellence.
Bihar can do it. "The people of Bihar — civil society, businessmen, government officials, farmers and politicians — also struggle against an image problem that is deeply damaging to Bihar's growth prospects.
An effort is needed to change this perception, and to search for real solutions and strategies to meet Bihar's development challenge," the report says. A boost to economic growth, improved social indicators and poverty reduction will require a multi-dimensional development strategy that builds on Bihar's successes and draws on the underlying resilience and strength of its people.

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New moves

Coach-indication mark at Patna Jn platforms
Source: TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ THURSDAY, AUGUST 04, 2005 02:38:08 AM ]

DANAPUR: Patna Junction is perhaps the only station of East Central Railway to have coach-indication facilities on the platforms. These facilities have been provided to this model station of Indian Railways to improve further passengers' amenities at Patna Junction, said Danapur DRM K B Mittal. According to him, passengers will not have to run here and there now to locate their particular coaches.
With the help of the coach indication board, a passenger can know in advance where will the coach in which he has reservations, be stationed on the platform. To start with, the railways have installed these boards on the platforms nos. 1 to 5 only, he said. The DRM said the coach indication boards would be provided at the Rajendra Nagar Terminus and Danapur stations soon. The railways have decided to give a new touch to the circulating area of Patna Junction to make traffic flow more easy. A separate path will be built for pedestrians outside the Patna Junction, the DRM said.
According to the DRM, the Danapur division has chalked out a comprehensive plan to provide more passenger amenities on each station located on the mainline section from Mughalsarai to Jhajha. Extension of the length of platforms to make them fit for accommodating 24 coaches, extra booking windows, construction of foot over bridges and raising the height of low platforms at each mainline station of the division are also on cards .

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Bihar-What to do now

I totally share with u emotions,ideas but i feel we must take sum initiative in this direction.I thank u for initiating this debate.
I have been observing few activites recently which i am sure world of good for the State.For example we all know that one thing which really expedites the wheels of growth is the economic stability and prosperity of the state.
Being a student of economics i can tell you that its economy which drives politics.Let us take the case of sum of the developed states you will find that its the economic prosperity of the state which has been the prominent factor and driving force for growth and so called developement.
However the issue is that the economic and intellectual wealth of the state is being spent to serve the cause of other states and countries.People blame the system and just as NRI blame indian system for the state of affairs biharis blame the status quo for the present rotten situation.
I guess things will only improve if individually and also collectively we all speak well and do sum concrete action on our part to change the state of affairs.Other members also share ur views.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Patna is doing great.....

Patna is doing great. Things are changing for good after a long wait of anarchy and highly muddled state of affairs. On moving around, aninternal feel arises that things are in reality coming on the right trail.
But it will take years to revamp the whole structure, for ithas been made so cluttered in the last 15 - 20 years. President Rule came as a boon for the state, which is helping much to restore things back to normal; but still earning back our glory remains a distant dream.
Moreover, President Rule can not be the answer for the innumerable questions which arise during our conversations in our drawing rooms,since we are a democratic nation. And again this November - December will witness another episode of what has supposedly become our national game and will supposedly install a democratic form of governance machinery. Let's see what is in store for us this time.
But again I believe we all do have a responsibility to visualize theproblems and curb them by our vision. Let's be together and keep working towards it.
Posted By Gautam.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005


A Bihari after coming back from a three hour long class says: Saala pura body headache maar raha hai.
2) A Bihari goes to a movie hall and asks for two tickets,Do tho ticket dena, the person at the window tells him that there is a house full, so this Bihari says koi baat nahin do house full de do.
3) A Bihari went to New Delhi for the first time in his life. He went thereduring the time of Asiad and was zapped to see all these new stadiums, newlyconstructed roads, flyovers etc etc. The poor fellow hadn't seen all this everbefore. So when he came back to Aligarh people asked him as to how did he likeDelhi, he was too excited and said : yaar delhi to buhat top ka laga, puradelhi chamak chamak raha tha, sab kuch jagmaga raha tha, sab shine maar rahatha lekin yaar ek cheez hum understand nahin kar paye, yeh itta barka barkaspeed breaker kahe ko bana diya hai (he couldn't figure out what is a flyover).
4) A Bihari went to a cigarette shop and asked for one Wills: Bhai ek Willdena, so the guy selling the cigarettes told him that there is no brand bythe name of Will, it is Wills, but the Bihari insisted and said I want oneWill, so the person told him unless you say it correctly i.e Wills I won'tsell it to you, so the Bihari went mad and said "Hum ek hi to maang rahenhain pura packet to nahin maang rahen hain".
This incident happened when we were in college. Two Biharis talking to each other, " Aaj Mother teresa a rahen hai Kennedy Auditorium mein saam ko aap chalengena , hum aap ko 5.30 p.m sharp pe lene aienge, so this fellow didn't know whois Mother Teresa and replied back, " nahin bhai aap hi chale jaiye hum Englisfilm nahin dekhte hain.
There was this Bihari who was travelling with two tickets, so when the T.T.E asked for the ticket, this fellow gave both the tickets, and so the T.T.E asked him the reason of buying two tickets , this fellow answered well what will happen if in case I lose one of them, so the T.T.E said what if you lose both of them, so this guy said then why do I have a monthly pass.

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