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Cool Bihari: Enterprise Bihar-Change in Attitude

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Enterprise Bihar-Change in Attitude

Gautam I thank you for taking this discussion to a new level, infact now I feel that our group has started discussing some real issues.
Since we have been in regular touch for the past few years I feel that now the time has come for some real action. While going through your mail my heart was filled with great admiration and sincere appreciation for your noble thoughts and ideas(actions too).
You truly inspire others and also encourage others to think beyong their mundane existence and add a touch of excellence and passion in their lives. Let me explain few things in detail here:
The first and foremost initiative to bring about change would be to bring about a positive change of mindset and imrpoving attitud towards life in Bihar.

This would mean speaking good and spreading good news about the place.Infact we often say that we choose what we want to be ,Happy or Sad.Since you have been to various parts of the world and interacted with many people i guess we all know that every region in the world has some serious challenges to conquer.

For America it may be racism for,for Britain its multi-culturism and for Africa its home grown strife.But all great countries have one thing in common they are proud of their past and despite all odds have innate self belief in positive outcomes.They see these social annomalies as transitory in nature and have great faith in their system.
However i feel that its exactly the opposite in our State's case,despite all good things happening we find that citizens have fallen in a morbid viscious trap of self criticism and self denial. In other words we have made ourself victims of our own thoughts.

People who are staying outside Bihar are also victims of same mindset.I request all to ponder over these thoughts and share their views.


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