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Cool Bihari: December 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year Resolution for Cool Bihari

Here’s another happening news from Bihar, which I am sure will send down some positive vibes to the aam Junta outside Bihar.The new “Engineer” CM(Nitish is a pass out from NIT Patna,which was called BCE in those day) seems to be IT savy and now the state Building Construction Department proposes to set up a modern IT centre equipped with computers, internet and video-conferencing facilities at 1 Anne Marg, once the pet animals of Lalu and Rabri are moved out from the sprawling CM’s bungalow.

To read more click here

I guess this action will set the ball rolling and perhaps create a culture for appreciating technology as a tool for regular Sarkari work in Bihar. I find that majority of the Babu’s have got the system installed as a show piece for display, but hardly do any official work on it.

Now let’s come to some real action from the Cool Bihari Group. I plan to send a communication to the CM which will have few factors to begin with. Here are the key areas I plan to address.

1) Plans for Industrial Growth(IT specific industry growth plan)
2) Education (special focus on technical and higher education)
3) Infrastructure development plan for key economic hubs
4) Promotion of Tourism and Culture
5) Up gradation of Security and Safety measures
6) Promote Rural IT development Plan
7) Sports and Leisure activities
8) Urban Development and small cities up gradation/development plans
9) NRI participation and Industry Sponsored activities
10) Other Social Development Initiatives

The idea is to make him aware about our expectations from the new govt. and also allow the NRB’s(NON RESIDENT BIHARIES) to make some contribution in the development of Bihar.

I plan to send the details in the coming New Year and also hope that all of you will take some pain to send your valuable inputs on this. I also hope to get some input from industry Expert also on these topics. But to be honest, I expect better effort from this group; I guess it’s high time we walk our talks. I am committed to the mission of the group and just hope that you people will chip in too.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Things which never change at all

We lost elections in Bihar because the multi-national corporations launched a vicious media campaign against us for introducing 'kulhar', 'mattha', and 'khadi' in the railways.."
Railway Minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav

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Hema's Bihar Connection

Hema Malini's connection with Bihar roads seems to be unending. The odious comparisons have not stopped yet and the recent comments by her and Nitish lead to public amusement over the state of Bihar Roads. Here are some interesting tit-bits of the media coverage.

India's one and only 'dream girl' and the star of hundreds of Hindi films Hema Malini, while attending the prize distribution ceremony of the All India Sukhdeo Narain Memorial Inter-school Cricket Tournament in Patna on Tuesday, taking an indirect shot at the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, said that with the arrival of the NDA government in the state"Bihar's road will now be even better than her own cheek", a metaphor first used by Yadav several years ago when he promised to turn the dilapidated Bihar roads into as smooth as 'Hema Malini's cheek'.

Here what the CM had to say about her comments.

"If the roads are made smooth like her cheeks, how will the people walk and how will the vehicles run on them? (They will only skid). I can't imagine a vehicle running over somebody's cheeks," he said disarmingly.
Well we can settle for something on which only we can drive safely,we are in no mood to sket around.

Lifestyle for you...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Will it finally Happen ???

Finally it seems that the wheels of planning and development have stared to roll after being out of action for unforgettable years. Recent news reports suggest that the new government is keen to bring about grassroots level changes in the state’s basic infrastructure and go for image makeover.

First the Chief Minister went to meet the Senior Officials of state in Delhi who are on central deputation for years, inviting them to play a role in changing the situation in Bihar. Some reports also suggest that the World Bank which has been always willing to help Bihar to develop its infrastructure has once again pledged support for road construction works.

It’s a cruel truth that all developmental works in the state has been put to a stand hill due to the heinous nexus of criminals cum contractors cum politicians. Over the years the state machinery has become totally effete in initiating any developmental projects and the consequences are known to everyone.

Here’s a brief of the World Bank Development Program for the state.

The World Bank, which prepared its "Bihar: Towards Development Strategy" roadmap following a seminar held in June, has expressed its willingness to put the state on the path of accelerated growth and development by extending active co-operation to the new dispensation in the state.
The World Bank country director Michael Carter called onBihar finance minister Sushil Kumar Modi and CM Nitish Kumar in that order andwas visibly satisfied that the new dispensation was well disposed towards the roadmap prepared for the state, which includes the Rs 350-crore Bihar Livelihood Project that envisages micro-financing to self-help groups, construction of rural roads for linking villages in five districts, a four-lane Lucknow-Muzaffarpur highway, upgradation of irrigation facilities and solution to the problem of waterlogging in North Bihar and financial management for effective utilisation of funds, Modi said.
Another News article featured the visit of the CII delegation to meet the CM.

The interest and initiative taken by chief minister Nitish Kumar for the revival of sick industries and also to attract investors to Bihar are expected to take a concrete shape once the new industrial policy as promised by the state government comes up. A high-power delegation of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will come here on Monday from Kolkata to meet the CM.

Since the day Nitish assumed office, he has been talking about his plans to bring investment and create an industries-friendly atmosphere. In his agenda for good governance, the CM has given special stress on creating a favourable atmosphere and building up the requisite infrastructure. The government has promised to formulate a new industrial policy and try to open industrial units in a bid to create job opportunities.

To read more click here and here

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hero and Zero No.1

Hey Folks, the Buzz of Bihar election still making news all over.I'd posted about the online poll on the Hero No.1 AND ZERO nO.1 of Bihar.Just came across the Poll results and no prizes for guessing who the winner is.K.J Rao has got the highest no of votes for the Hero position.And guess who the No.1 Zero is .........well its laloo again.
"Rao was declared Bihar's hero of the year by the people for making history in conducting peaceful, violence free and trouble free elections in state, first time," said Ajay Kumar, CEO,

Elections in Bihar are usually associated with large-scale violence and rigging. But it was to Rao's credit that volence-free polls were conducted in the last state assembly polls.In the assembly polls in February, 20 people lost lives; in 2000, 48 people were killed and 150 people were injured.But this time, 17 people were killed and 60 injured.

Only in November, Nitish Kumar won the electoralbattle in Bihar by a huge mandate that ousted Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav (Rashtriya Janata Dal) from power after ruling for 15 long years. But he was not chosen hero of the year by the people.

It was Rao, who scored 62% of the popular vote and the runner up was Nitish Kumar who scored only 29%.

Altogether 1,155 people participated in this exercise (online survey).
CoolBihari folks the no. of people participated in the poll is very high and a fair indicator of the online presence of Bihari Junta.
To read more click here and here

Down but not out

Hey Laloo may be down but not yet out of action for sure. Nitish Kumar may have nudged him in the race to become Newsmaker of the Year but Laloo is never short of tricks and tantrums to keep people bemused.

I was off my seat when I read this article about his comments on being given the second deadline for vacating Annie Marg residence. It must be hard for him and his family to relocate, but just read the punch lines he is giving to the media.

Reacting to the second notice served on December 13 by the building construction department to former Chief Minister Rabri Devi to vacate the sprawling bungalow within a week, her husband and Rashtriya Janata Dal President Lalu Prasad accompanied by a battery of TV reporters visited the proposed residence '10 Circular Road', earlier occupied by his brother-in-law Sadhu Yadav.

After inspecting the building in which repair works were on, he said the house was not yet ready and there was no hope of it getting completed in seven days.

Lalu told reporters on Friday he would move to the new bungalow, renamed by Sadhu Yadav as '10 Janpath' a la residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, only after it was spruced up, implying that the Lalu family was in no mood to comply with the seven-day eviction notice.

"Let the new government send its men to remove my belongings when the December 20 deadline ends. We will cooperate with them," he said. But, the building construction department seems in no mood to extend the deadline.
Lalu had also protested the tone and tenor of the notice.

Alleging it was an act of "political vendetta" by the Nitish Kumar government, the RJD Chief had said "are these words you should use for a former CM who is also a lady? How can she vacate it when renovation of the alloted house is not over?"

Looks like we are going to have some good year end fun with all this tamasha lined up.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Newsmaker from Bihar

NDTV is conducting a SMS poll on the Indian of year award, and I was really surprised to find Nitish Kumar as one of the nominees in the list. Man, I don’t remember anything he has done so credulous to earn the Indian of the Year award. Although he is appreciated as a good Railways minister, but that was in the last govt.

He has been branded the "comeback kid” as he was able to dethrone the almighty laloo and co.I guess that in itself a good enough reason to give him the nominations. And who knows he may just have the last laugh in the end.

Its amazing how people outside the state interpret this election result, for them it appears as if the people of the state have made first ever sensible decision. I guess all this makes Nitish task all the more difficult, already reports say that the crime graph has shoot up ever since the new govt. has come to office. Kidnappings have increased and recently some political murders also happened.

But one thing is for sure that the road ahead is going to be a full of jumpy rides and we can only pray that things do change on ground also. So folks next time when you visit Bihar please don’t expect any see change, you'll only end up disappointing yourself as it’s a going to be a long journey ahead. Till date we’ve only made psychological progress but the real action is yet to come.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finally it's official

Hey,Its finally going to happen, Prsident A.P.J Kalam will be attending the PU convocation ceremony scheduled on 30th Dec. 2005.Another big news is that next day after the ceremony he will also be visiting the campus .I guess it will restore some academic glory of the institution and also will be a great start for the new year ahead. Here’s what the report say’s
President Kalam will arrive at the convocation venue at 4 pm and deliver the
convocation address. Even though he is scheduled to stay there only for an hour,
he may stay there till the end of the function. The VC, who met the President in
Delhi recently, said he has Kalam to visit the premier institutions of PU the
next day, i.e., on December 31.
The President is reported to have accepted the VC's proposal. PU officials will like the President to visit at least two institutions — Patna College and Science College — which have played a significant role in the growth and development of higher education in the eastern region of the country.
Patna Women's College and B N College may also be included in the President's itinerary if the time permits.

To read more click here.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bihari Girl to represent India at Unicef

A Bihari girl hailing from Gaya's low income group muslim family has been selected from India to represent Indian children at the Unicef's report release function in London.
Guriya Khatoon will be the only participant from India in UNICEF's release of 'State of the World's Children 2006' report on social exclusion. Khatoon will also address the function to express her experiences about social exclusion.

Khatoon, a student of class VII of Mahila Shiksha Kendra in Gaya, hails from a poor Muslim family and lives with her mother, who works as a labourer in villages near Gaya town to earn her livelihood. Her father became disabled in an accident about five years ago and moved to Mumbai with his relative to earn a livelihood.

Two years ago, a Bihar Dalit girl, Lalita, who hails from the poor rat-eater community known as 'Musahar', shot to fame after being featured on the cover of UNICEF's 'State of the World's Children 2004' report. She was the first girl from Bihar -- and India -- to receive the rare honour.
Source:Rediff News

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Patna :Google's view

Here's an arial view of Patna from Google's Earth.

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Bill Gates on a Bihar Trip ??????

It's not a joke at all......I mean even I was shocked when I heard it ,but it appears that due to the high mortality rates due to Kala Azar he has been impressed upon by former Union Minister for Health C P Thakur to visit the state, and make some commitments to serve the cause of poor.

Here's what the report said,"The Microsoft chief, in Delhi as part of a four-day India visit, has promised former Union health minister C P Thakur that he would like to visit Bihar and study the threat of kala-azar.

In a three-hour meeting with Thakur on Tuesday, Bill Gates, who is helping India with funding to improve neonatal health, increased access to immunisation and HIV/AIDS control, said his team from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would soon visit Bihar before making a commitment. "

To read the entire article click here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

PU: My Alma Mater

I was really pleased to read that President A.P.J Kalam is likely to attend the PU convocation. A Times of India article had the following report on his confirmation for attending the convocation.

"PU had written a letter to President Kalam more than six months back requesting him to address the PU convocation. But the matter was not pursued in right earnest. The assembly elections further delayed the process of convocation. It is only after a formal request to this effect was made from the Raj Bhawan that the President reportedly gave his consent.

Well if it finally happens I am sure it will open a new chapter in the history of Patna University. The lost glory of Patna University is something which hurts us the most and I am sure all of us want to be restored. Patna University is the 7th oldest University of the Indian subcontinent, which was established in the year 1917 to cater to the growing needs of higher education of Bihar, Orissa and Nepal.

As alumini's we are trying our best to strengthen the brand but its high time the people in hot seat, take some decisive and long term action to make amends for the past. Despite its huge structure and a great legacy the lack of resources and quality manpower has plagued the University for long. We have not had regular appointments and renovation work in PU for a long time. The old Dutch architecture is now slowly crumbling, and is in a dilapidated state.

The Science College and Patna College good old cricket ground has hosted some of the greatest Ranji Trophy matches in past. At one point of time it was a regular venue for conduction of many national and international sports meets.

But sadly the ground has now become a breading ground for anti-social elements and even the regular students find it difficult to play because of the encroachments by local goons.

The good old hostels named after the all time great legends like Cavendish, Newton, Ramanujan, etc. now paint a sad picture. Despite being a breeding ground for many generations of scientists, academicians, bureaucrats, professionals and luminaries from all walks of life it is now merely a pale shadow of its real pedigree. My heart fills with sorrow and deep remorse, having spent a good 5 yrs in the campus I have some great memories of the times spent near the Ganges bank in Darbhanga House.

Lets just pray and hope that things work out well and we a have revival our Alma matar.

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