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Cool Bihari: July 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bhojpuri Music

Regional movies, music and other forms of art have global appeal.It’s a common theme which binds humanity and a common language which connects people from diverse race, region and cultural background. While we continue to explore new ways to differentiate our own entity, cultural artifacts helps us to imbibe common human virtues of appreciating good work of art. It doesn’t matter if the linguistic nuances are different, our songs and movies convey universal emotions which helps us to strike chord despite motley origin and background.

This blog gets multiple hits through Google search for “Bhojpuri Music” .Many of the readers in past have been requesting for more links on Bhojpuri music. One of my earlier posts on “Chutney Music “was well received from people all over the world.

Many of us have been goggling time and again to find out sites where we can get good Bhojpuri music achieve. I’m trying to put some common sites which has good collection, please feel free to add more links and I’ll keep updating this post on regular basis.

Cooltoad -Has got some good old classic Bhojpuri songs,it allows free MP 3 download for registered members(free).

Esnipes - Huge collection of both new and old songs,allows free download as well ,various members hav uploaded video and mp3 versions of Bhojpui music.

Rediff Ishare -Only original composition,doest not supports download in mp3 format.Good collection of classic bhojpuri music.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bihar has turned the corner

I remember preparing this so called “wish list” when the Nitish’s new govt came to power in 2005.There was a time when the state made news for only lawlessness and crime ,the new wave of development which the state has witnessed in the last few years are more than just a welcome change. Recent survey released by HT and TOI reports on the sea changes which Bihar has shown bear testimony to the paradigm shift.Nitish Kumar’s scorecard shows more than just mere statistics, just proves that the state and its people have been getting a raw deal over the years. The findings are not surprising.


• 73% Biharis think the current govt is more efficient that the previous one

• 68% agree that Bihar has turned the corner

• 38% feels Bihar is safer than ever before

Things have changed. Bihar has turned around. During the next half of the government’s tenure these changes will be consolidated,” Nitish says.“Our government has started 41 new schemes. We have adopted roughly 100 plus innovations in governance,” says Sushil Modi, the chief minister’s trusted deputy. One such scheme is to give a cycle to every girl who goes beyond ninth standard. “A girl riding a cycle to the school induces change in the thinking of the society,” says.

“He has put on track the fundamental institutions of state and is using it for the welfare of people,” says Shaibal Gupta, of Asian Development Research Institute.
Brand Bihar has undergone transformation it terms of attracting more tourists as well. Number of tourist visiting Bihar has seen three four increase over the last 3 years. According to the figures provided by the tourism department about 1.75 lakh tourists visited Bihar in 2007 against only 63,321 in 2005 and 94,446 in 2006.

The man who turned around Bihar deserves kudos for displaying exemplary leadership and integrity in driving the new development agenda for the state. Millions hope and dream of a better Bihar and he has the support of one and all in making this change happen.

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