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Cool Bihari: January 2006

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brand Laloo...

Despite the drubbings in the last assembly election Laloo Yadav continues to draw immense media attention for whatever he does or even if he does nothing at all. The post liberalization era of satellite TV has seen some unusual celebrities and the most celebrated of them has been no other than our very own Laloo jee. I don’t remember any political leader getting as much media attention as him in the past 15 years. His quintessential jokes and punch lines makes even his most ardent critics smile. Such has been the aura and charm of this rustic charmer from Raghopur that people from all walks of life have been amused and enthralled by his native wit and ineffable eloquence.

Laloo typifies a common Bihari in true style, an average bihari man on street generally comes up with logic and assertions which makes us wonder about the other side of the story. Try and recall the early days of Laloo as the Chief Minister of Bihar, he used to do everything which people never expected in wildest imagination.

His antics crossed all limits and he tried every possible trick in the book to break the notion of a typical political leader. His mantra to connect with the masses was to be one of them. He would go around Patna in a rickshaw,on elephants back, host litti chokha parties, acting in local Bhojpuri films to Bollywood movies, organizing garib raillas, Holi revelry, participating in chatth and other local festivals.

He did everything to break the notion of a man in power. He spoke to the common man in his own language, native style; he chewed pan and tobacco just as people do in the rural side of Bihar. Like a master showman of Indian democracy he knew what clicked and what made him popular. But the show had a anti climax in the last elections when his kitchen cabinet was thrown out of power after 15 long years.

But the man has not seen the end of the day yet and continues to be featured on front page of all national dailies when he put on his Cricketing gears to play against his favorite media team.

Now we have a new dating site named after the famous political couple from Bihar. "We were inspired by Laloo Prasad and the marital bonding he shares with his wife," said Bullet Mehta of Wiantech, the Mumbai-based software company promoting the website ''.

"We surely do not want to make fun of Laloo... We think quite high of him," Mehta said adding he did not expect any adverse reaction from Laloo Prasad's supporters.

For a man who has seen movies, TV serials, play toys names after him this is just another addition. He may have tarnished the Brand of Bihar but has certainity been successful in creating a brand name for himself and his family.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Bhojpuri Movies on Roll

Bhojpuri Movies are creating a new wave in the world of entertainment. Recently media has been giving lot of coverage to the sudden spurt in the demand for Bhojpuri films all over the world.

India Today carried out a special report in its last weekly which highlighted the emergence of the Bhojpuri film Industry. Details of Bhojpuri works from Mumbai Directors, actors and other artists like Juhi Chawla, Saroj Khan, and Nagma was also featured.

Recently the Bhojpuri Film Awards was also held in which all the prominent names of Mumbai Film Industry participated and evinced keen interest in reviving the traditional movies for the Bhojpuri speaking belt of Bihar, UP, MP, Delhi and West Bengal

The First Bhojpuri Film Awards turned out to be great Event. The Show started when Sri Dilip Kumar Saheb along with Smt. Saira banu jee, in presence of Govinda and other guests, lighten the lamp.

Movies like "Sasura Bada Paisewala","Daroga Babu I Love You", "Ganga Ke Paar Saiyan Hamaar", "Saachi Peeratiya Hamar", "Bandhan Tootey Na", "Humta Ho Gayi Na Tohar", and "Panditji, Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi" are not only getting audience in the country but they also have world wide audience.

What's all the more interesting is the fact that these movies also have a good oversees market in West Indian Islands,Mauritus,Fiji,maldives,indonesia and Nepal.

I am sure this is another vibrant sign of revival of our Bihari culture and probably no other medium is as powerful as art, music and entertainment to have an impact on people from other parts of the world. These movies will go a long way in creating some appreciation for our unique and special bihari culture.

To read more on this click here ,here and here

More about the Bhojpuri Film Festival winners: here

Bihar Calling.....

धरती कहे पुकार के
Bihar Calling...

बिहार के पावन धरती राउर राह देख तिया. अगर रउरा बिहार के (चाहे देश के) बाहर बानी आ बिहार के बारे मे कुछु सोच तानी त इ सही समय ह मातृभूमि के कर्ज चुकावे खातिर. बिहार के नया सरकार, रउरा आ हमनी का मिल के बिहार के प्रतिष्ठा लौटा सकी ले जा. एहिजा हमनी का एगो छोटा-सा मंच देवे के प्रयास कर तानी जा जहवॉ रउरा बिहार के बारे के आपन विचार व्यक्त कर सकी ले जा.

आई... हमनी का मिल के बिहार के स्वर्ग बनाई जा...
To read more click here

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

True Bihari Funda

Recently I came across this hillarious stuff which talks about the our aan,baan aur shaan in a typical Bihari eshtyle.I am sure we all enjoy this part of our Bihariness.The world today is going ga ga over attitude but I guess attitude is something every Bihari is born with.
Remember for anything he does ,or even if he does nothing he has a answer "HA TA KA HUA".I guess we are like this only and let's try and retain that uncouth hillarious part of Bihari which they call as ATTITUDE.This write up below is metaphorical but really worth reading.
I don't exactly remember who said to me "Ek Bihari sab pe bhari", on the day when i qualified through the prestigious JEE entrance examination.But since then I had many sleepless nights just to figure out whether the "bhari(heavy)" word was meant to be taken as it means literally or it meant what i suppose it means. Hailing from the not so hindi speaking state Bihar, where people are also very good at bad english,i pondered whether we Biharis are really that smart(as we suppose we are).
We speak a non recognised version of hindi(Bihari) which is actually a mixture of the localmaithili,magahi, bhojpuri,etc,etc(which shows how well we mix with other cultures).How can one forget statements like "Are falanwa ke betwa chilanwa ki beti ke saath raati ke saat baje peepalwa ke ped ke neeche baithal rahe",
Or "kapar me bhadi darad ho raha hai", Or "aap ka samajhte hain ki hamko hindiye
nahi ata hai", Or...(dont get me into this).Our Engliss is phine too. We can talk in Engliss,we can walk in Engliss and still laugh in Bihari.This is an intro from a very bright(top 100) JEE qualifier,"I am Basesar Prasad phrom Bihad,I am a studentt oph the department oph the Compootur Scince, My hobbbies arde ddrinking wated, playing kirket, nagdaj and suped commanddo dhdruva comics".
I don't know whether this unique linguistic behaviour can be taken as a parameter for our smartness(However people from all over India have made fun of it all over India).We have no city left(after partition of Jharkhand) to boast about,except Patna, and for which we can only boast about the exponentially increasing crime rate.My friends have a clear picture of Patna(my hometown), where I dodge about a 1000 bullets daily(as Neo did in Matrix) to reach home safely in single piece and occasionally without being mugged(with the feeling of being "the one" daily!!!).
Our police department is the best.Usually the cops come in late at the crime scene and try to figure out what happened,who did it,why etc etc.But here in Bihar our cops know it all, before it happens and take note of it not to be anywhere near the place,just in case people are suspicious, and sometimes its the cops themselves(no suspicions!!).And last but not the least we Biharis never lose in a conversation,whether we know or don't know the topic.Moreover we have developed this "Thethrology"(in bad english we can say obstinatology).
So to cut short let me quote a couplet from a great friend of mine,"Maut ayegi to kya main mar jaunga?Maut ayegi to kya main mar jaunga?Hum to Bihari hoon ped pe chadh jaunga".

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Patna University enforces Right to Information

Patna University has become one of the foremost educational institutions to enforce the right of information Act.

The act has been enforced with a view to bring about transparency and expose the corrupt practices in some departments of the university. This will make all public authority accountable for their actions under the act.

A notification to this effect was issued by PU recently. PU computer programme officer K P Singh has been appointed as the information officer.

To read the complete article click here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Action Point for Promoting Tourism in Bihar

Here are some guidelines for Promoting tourism in the State.

Identify Centers of Historical and Cultural Importance: For this the govt. must try and find out the USP of each cultural location. We know that Patna has a legacy of the great Mauryan Empire .Vaishali, Muzzafarpur, Sitamarhi, Motihari, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya, Madhubani, Nalanda ,Danapur , Munger are some of the prominent cities which can be put on the tourist road map and identified as key Centers. Details must be worked out on developing each of these centers as unique tourist spots. Historical, cultural and social linkages must be developed first.

Work out a plan for private participation to develop the local and connecting infrastructure for these cities Participation should be solicited for developing road, electricity, resorts and hotels, renovation of heritage sites, local participation in promoting ancient culture, living and cuisine.

In Munger we have the world famous Yoga ashram but hardly do we see Munger name featuring in any debate on Yoga. However read this link to read how Mysore has been developed as a hub for yoga training which is catering to Global Market.To read the article click here.

Promote Ayurveda and other health and lifestyle facilities. India is considered as a very attractive destination for Health Tourism and dental health care facilities are one of the cheapest in the world. Efforts must be made to tap this huge market for tourism.

Promote Local Level Festivals and Fairs like Chatt, Sonepur Mela .On these occasions invite participants from foreign dignitaries and Celebrities. Dalai Lama and Japan has shown great interest in developing Bogh Gaya as a heritage city, govt must involve multiple partners from all areas to generate interest .Media and Press events for local and international delegates must be held at these locations as it will lead to natural curiosity about the place.

Cultural meets like Film festivals and National level Sports meet must be organized as it will change people’s perception about Bihar. Peace Marathon and educational conferences are other such events which must be organized regularly. Mudhabani is famous for its paintings efforts must be made to hold annual painting fairs at Madhubani and invite participation from all over the world.

Toy making, pottery, handloom, handicrafts and small scale industries products industry is prominent in attracting tourist attention. Efforts must be made to develop such centers as it may also generate revenue and promote exports.

Law and order must be given top priority and State machinery must take every possible step to ensure safety and fair treatment to all tourists.

Corporate must be invited to play an active role in development of infrastructure and share the knowledge, talent and skill for time bound execution of these plans.

Local NGO’s and Corporate can also be involved in bringing about modern initiatives on e learning and IT like ITC’s e –choupal. Such initiatives also generate lots of curiosity and helps in sending a positive message.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Views on what can we do for Bihar : ?

Now let me tell you something very unique about the process of change. If you feel that people staying in Bay area and metro cities will be able to bring about a wave of change in the life of ordinary junta then it’s a fallacy. Somehow I strongly feel that you need to get rid of this TYPICAL MINDSET of waiting for something to happen or EXPECTING THAT SOMEONE FROM A FAR OFF LAND ,WHO IS ALREADY A BIG SUCCESS STORY can bring about change.

Let me make few things very clear about this notion of "ANGEL INVESTORS".

First, if at all long term changes have to take place, it must be initiated and nurtured at local level .Murthies and Azeem premji's of the world never waited for any angel to give them any kickstart. It takes personal initiative, courage and imagination on part of the individual to embark upon something novel and innovative. Take the example of Tata’s and Ambanies they had a dream and they simply worked hard to bring them into action.

Second, don’t look for role models, be your own role model. I guess we need to understand that just because someone has been successful in USA, Britain and other parts of the world he may not be able to replicate the same success story in Bihar. The rules of the games are very different in Bihar than any other place in this world. Look at LN Mittal despite being successful all over the world he is yet to embark upon his maiden Indian project in Jharkhand. Lord Swaraj Paul is another one such example,despite being so successful in UK he has not made any direct investment in India.(Ranjan ask Arun Sharma: He’ll tell you why he left Patna)

Third, Only initiative at local level can ensure mass participation at grass root level and only then can common man in Bihar relate with the success story and believe in the fact that they need not wait for NRI's and NRB's to come and play angel and give the Midas touch.

Look at the success of Sulabh International and Sudha Dairy. They have set great example of having world class business model for a developing society like Bihar and India. Its caters to the need of the common man in Bihar and ensures participation across all level of society irrespective of the educational, social and economic background.

Fourth, STOP expecting that people will come and settle in Bihar just because you have symbolic steps being taken to create some euphoria about notional change. Don’t forget that none of us want to leave our beloved State but it has taken lot of personal effort on part of each individual to somehow find a place amongst the best. If at all you want people to come back and settle in Bihar learn from the Indian example.

We have people coming from Bay area and settling down with Indian companies because they know that India is providing real world class opportunities and they need not miss this opportunity. The message is loud and clear "YOU HAVE TO CREATE REAL WORLD CLASS LONG TERM OPPORTUNITIES IF YOU WANT TO RETAIN TALENT”. The political leadership has to move beyond rhetoric’s and talk in terms of tangible results.

History of success entrepreneurship has one common theme and that is imagination and ability to create and spot opportunities. If people can spot those opportunities they will definitely come and create individual success stories.

If you feel you have the courage, determination and vision to do something go ahead and start, don’t wait for people to join you .If your vision makes sense to other and you are able to convince others about your vision people will run to you and plead you to be make them a part of your action plan.

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What can we do for Bihar ?

Dear Bihari Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks for your Expectation from New Political Leadership in BIHAR . 50 days are over. and Morning shows the day . Its LEADERSHIP which matters a lot whether it is Political or Commercial. That’s why NARAYAN MURTHY is a Brand and NITISH Kumar is creating a BRAND for himself .

Majority of you works with CORPORATE WORLD, You all are better exposed to New Economy, new World and New Purchasing POWER. Recently I was reading Mr Bagchi of MINDTREE in TOI Delhi edition on the background of New economy labour force and his survey suggest that majority of us have less exposure to WORLD . Your Hard work is your BRAND.

Any way , BIHAR is having new WAVE i.e. Expectation from NITISH KUMAR , Some coined IDEA of becoming enterprise , some with Philanthropist Jobs , some with Lets see and WATCH .

When I asked my friend Mr Arun Sharma , an IIM alumni ,Why DO YOU WANT TO STAY IN BIHAR ? He simply told ...No ONE (Corporate) WANTS to COME BIHAR but EVERY ONE WANTS to SELL their Products in BIHAR, whether it is HLL or ONIDA. But accepting these products in BIHAR is not mere a solution.

Apart from many stakeholders of BIHAR, NRB holds much STAKE and biggest is EMOTION. EMOTION CAN DRIVE us all. But the question is how much?

Everybody wants to be part of WIPRO Office in HAJIPUR, Bihari INfosysian would like to have a centre at DANAPUR, We all were exposed to New world in last 15 years , We want our Roads as wide as roads of NOIDA , we all want to have IITs / IIITs / IIMs / Microsoft / GE R & D centre / INTEL R & D Centre / Bill Gates Visits .......we want all in BIHAR .....Sab kuchh BIHAR me Hona chahiye .

Then Question is WHAT CAN WE DO for BIHAR ?

Q1. Are we Ready to resign our present JOB in METRO and retuning back to BIHAR?
Q.1.1. Are we ready to forget our Bay Area life?

Certainly , None of us are returning BIHAR without any Opportunities in BIHAR , Can we remember 1990 Manmohan Singh (MMS) opened the door of INDIA for MNCs and a few INDIANs returned INDIA forgetting thier life in USA / UK .

Those who returned INDIA majority of them returned back to their NEW NATIVE ..USA / UK . Thanks to IT wave which made even a Hyderabad Traffic Police to get a JOB in BAY AREA and keeping his suitcase with DOLLARs and driving easily available TOYOTA on SFO roads.

But the real and talented people come with an IDEA to establish a INDIAN LOBBY in USA / UK which resulted the Bill Gates Visit, One Night Stay in WHITE HOUSE for Vinod Gupta and Bill Clinton personal Visit in EAST UP.

Similarly we can too have a PROUD BIHARI LOBBY where we can exchange our deal with present company where we work. Simply, I can not star up a new enterprise in BIHAR but collectively we can REQUEST to have a INFOSYS / WIPRO / SATYAM etc in BIHAR, Similarly BIHARI in Government Jobs specially with CENTRAL Govt employees can form a LOBBY to send CENTRAL FUND in BIHAR.

So Its a High time to have a PROUD BIHAR LOBBY at each and every place where BIHARI are found. BIHARI IAS/ IPS posted at DELHI or other states and BIHARI JOURNALIST in MEDIA and BIHARI TECHNOCRATS can PLAY a MAJOR ROLE ..........

Are you willing to be part of it......???????????????

Mitti kee Sugandh..tujhe PUKAR rahi hai ..........

Ranjan R Sinh , NOIDA

Monday, January 09, 2006

Wah Kya Baat Hai......Ye Bihar Hai

It’s heartening to know that Bihar is in the news for all the right reasons and people have something positive to talk, discuss and look forward to in the future. At the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas at Hyderabad our Chief Minister seems to have stolen the limelight from rest of the competing CM’s. I was really glad to know that he made a PPT presentation on Bihar’s Economic development plan which was well appreciated by all the delegates as well as the media.

Rediff has this news article on Bihar with an impressive heading” 'Bihar is the ultimate land of opportunities’. Here’s a snapshot of the wonderful article which every Bihari would be proud of.

It had the best pavilion at the PBD.

Nitish came with the largest number of officials.
More than the numbers, the manner in which the dapper bureaucrats went about their business showed that things are changing in the Bihar administration.
They were at their best, while interacting with the media and NRIs alike.

They then distributed attractive brochures and interactive CDs showcasing Bihar's potential as an investment destination.

Apart from the officials, Nitish himself sought and spoke to NRIs from Bihar.

"I want to convince everyone and prove that Bihar is also a land of great opportunities," Nitish tells, as he interacted with a large number of overseas Indians from Bihar in Hyderabad's Hi-Tech City.

"Bihar is no longer an unsafe place for investments. Your money, your investment, will be safe, and we will ensure that you reap the benefits for coming back to your roots," he tells a group of NRI Biharis who are keen to invest in the state.

The presentation did have an impact on many NRIs. Some said they are ready to take up medical projects in the state. Vivek Mohanty, an NRI technocrat from Britain, said he wants to set up an engineering institute in Patna. Many showed interest in setting up other projects across the state.

What were the investment projects that Nitish and his team came prepared with?

New industrial projects like setting up diary plants, sugar mills, fruit-processing plants, cattle feed manufacturing and frozen vegetable units.
Projects integrating water generation and waste management.
Projects for developing Patna as the most modern city.
Multi-million dollar projects for power generation.
A series of projects in tourism, science and technology, education and agriculture.

Among all these projects, what is the chief minister's first priority?

"I want to build expressways between Patna and Bodh Gaya and Patna and Vaishali. And I have already had a long discussion with the chief ministers of Maharasthra and Gujarat on the modalities of building expressways," Nitish reveals.
To read more click here and here.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Winds of Change

Some positive news are now been flashed from Bihar on various plans to invite NRI investments and initiate some development projects in the state. Media reports suggest that the new govt. is trying hard and has come with few proposals to attract the wealth and concern of NRI's for helping the cause of State infrastructure development.

According to the Economic Times “A high-level delegation is scheduled to showcase Bihar as an investment destination at the annual convention of the Indian Diaspora or Pravasi Bharatiya Divas to be held at Hyderabad Jan 7-9. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is likely to lead the delegation. We have decided to woo NRI investors and both of us may make it to the meet,"said Modi. "We will make a powerful presentation (at the NRI meet). "There will be a single window clearance system for NRIs to set up industries or businesses here," a senior official said.

Here’s a Business Standard Report which talks about a new TV ad campaign from the Bihar Govt.

A new television commercial extolling the virtues of Bihar as an investment destination has hit the air. The first-of-its-kind commercial has aroused curiosity among the Indian advertising fraternity and investors alike.“The commercial was a pleasant surprise for me as it is for the first time that the state is consciously trying to advertise itself as an investment destination. However, the way that the campaign has been presented is very tacky,” Anand Narasimhan, executive vice-president, Saatchi & Saatchi, said.

The campaign aims to persuade non-resident Indians (NRIs) to invest in Bihar. Comments ranging from tacky to refreshing are doing the rounds. The commercial is a part of the campaign, titled “Bihar Calling”, which targets non-resident Indians. The Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) has done the creative work for the campaign.The commercial opens with the words: ''Bihar is on the move. Come Invest.''
The next shot shows the growth of varied sectors such as infrastructure, power, roads and agriculture.In the next frame, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar dressed in white appears against a white backdrop and says, “We have planted the seed of security. Come nurture it. Give something back to your roots.”' The new government had been sworn in a month ago.
Another Report specifies the plethora of new investment benefit the govt. is going to offer for NRI investment in education.If you want to open an educational institute, the government is ready to meet 50 per cent of the investor's expenses on purchase of land and waive even 50 percent of the stamp duty on registration of the land.
It will ensure power connection within 45 days. The government has come out with attractive incentives in respect of three major hospitals which are open for investment.

Similar incentives have been offered for investments in other sectors like tourism, power, road, information technology and agro-industries. The state government is making all-out efforts to lure the NRIs attending the Hyderabad conference to invest in Bihar.”

Another report about Bihar calling on BBC.Read here

So finally it appears that we are going to see a wind of change in our State. Let’s just pray and hope the plan’s are implemented on ground and some real time action happens.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Beginning

President Kalam’s path breaking visit to the state has been overshadowed by the brutal massacre in Raghopur.This just goes on to prove the arduous challenge faced by the citizens of Bihar in their effort to create a new image for the state. As expected the President lived up to his reputation as a champion for growth and development.
He outlined “VISION 2015” for turning Bihar into a developed state by 2015, through tapping of natural and human resources. Delivering the Patna University convocation address at SK Memorial Hall, Kalam emphasised the need for Bihar to have a vision supported by collective will and a sense of confidence that could be realized through coordinated, purposeful and positive endeavours.“It is time that Bihar has a vision”, Kalam made a passionate appeal and advocated for drafting ‘Bihar Vision : Developed State by 2015.’
Kalam would visit Bihar again in March to assist the Nitish Kumar government in drafting a roadmap envisaging a prosperous Bihar and giving direction towards the goal.“It was time that we all realised that crime does not pay; that corruption does not pay,” he remarked adding that these social vices fragmented the society and forced economy to become directionless. “What was needed was a total realisation that situation could be retrieved and one could look to a bright future,” the President added.
Here’s a snapshot of the speech he delivered on the occasion.

I am happy to note that this University has contributed substantially in the development of higher education in Bihar over the last nine decades. I understand Patna University has produced a number of brilliant academicians, technocrats, administrators, doctors, social workers of eminence.

The Patna University has the distinction of having its alumni important personalities like Mr. Hasan Imam, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and also the present Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar. I would like to discuss on the topic Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship.

Core Competence of Bihar

For the nation to develop, all the States have to develop. Bihar has an important role to play in realizing this vision. We have to look ahead with confidence and set our sights high to make Bihar the leading example of resilience, growth, modernity and collective achievement.

I am personally optimistic about Bihars success in negotiating the path of high growth especially because of the superior quality of human capital that the State is endowed with. This human capital is spread in to any parts of the country and contributing in administration, management and agricultural farming. From this we see that the core competence of Bihar in multiple areas is available in Bihar for transformation of the state into a development state. How can Patna University empower the young people of Bihar through its educational system?

Capacity Building
A good educational model is the need of the hour to ensure that the students grow to contribute towards the economic growth of a nation. Can we sow the seeds of capacity building among the students?

The aptitude for entrepreneurship should be cultivated right from the beginning and in the university environment. We must teach our students to take calculated risks for the sake of larger gain, but within the ethos of good business.

Any University is judged by the level and extent of the research work it accomplishes. This sets in a regenerative cycle of excellence. Experience of research leads to quality teaching and quality teaching imparted to the young in turn enriches the research. Research brings transformation and development and also enhances the quality of education.

To read the complete text click here and for other news click here ,and here

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