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Brand Laloo...

Despite the drubbings in the last assembly election Laloo Yadav continues to draw immense media attention for whatever he does or even if he does nothing at all. The post liberalization era of satellite TV has seen some unusual celebrities and the most celebrated of them has been no other than our very own Laloo jee. I don’t remember any political leader getting as much media attention as him in the past 15 years. His quintessential jokes and punch lines makes even his most ardent critics smile. Such has been the aura and charm of this rustic charmer from Raghopur that people from all walks of life have been amused and enthralled by his native wit and ineffable eloquence.

Laloo typifies a common Bihari in true style, an average bihari man on street generally comes up with logic and assertions which makes us wonder about the other side of the story. Try and recall the early days of Laloo as the Chief Minister of Bihar, he used to do everything which people never expected in wildest imagination.

His antics crossed all limits and he tried every possible trick in the book to break the notion of a typical political leader. His mantra to connect with the masses was to be one of them. He would go around Patna in a rickshaw,on elephants back, host litti chokha parties, acting in local Bhojpuri films to Bollywood movies, organizing garib raillas, Holi revelry, participating in chatth and other local festivals.

He did everything to break the notion of a man in power. He spoke to the common man in his own language, native style; he chewed pan and tobacco just as people do in the rural side of Bihar. Like a master showman of Indian democracy he knew what clicked and what made him popular. But the show had a anti climax in the last elections when his kitchen cabinet was thrown out of power after 15 long years.

But the man has not seen the end of the day yet and continues to be featured on front page of all national dailies when he put on his Cricketing gears to play against his favorite media team.

Now we have a new dating site named after the famous political couple from Bihar. "We were inspired by Laloo Prasad and the marital bonding he shares with his wife," said Bullet Mehta of Wiantech, the Mumbai-based software company promoting the website ''.

"We surely do not want to make fun of Laloo... We think quite high of him," Mehta said adding he did not expect any adverse reaction from Laloo Prasad's supporters.

For a man who has seen movies, TV serials, play toys names after him this is just another addition. He may have tarnished the Brand of Bihar but has certainity been successful in creating a brand name for himself and his family.

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