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A New Beginning

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Cool Bihari: A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

President Kalam’s path breaking visit to the state has been overshadowed by the brutal massacre in Raghopur.This just goes on to prove the arduous challenge faced by the citizens of Bihar in their effort to create a new image for the state. As expected the President lived up to his reputation as a champion for growth and development.
He outlined “VISION 2015” for turning Bihar into a developed state by 2015, through tapping of natural and human resources. Delivering the Patna University convocation address at SK Memorial Hall, Kalam emphasised the need for Bihar to have a vision supported by collective will and a sense of confidence that could be realized through coordinated, purposeful and positive endeavours.“It is time that Bihar has a vision”, Kalam made a passionate appeal and advocated for drafting ‘Bihar Vision : Developed State by 2015.’
Kalam would visit Bihar again in March to assist the Nitish Kumar government in drafting a roadmap envisaging a prosperous Bihar and giving direction towards the goal.“It was time that we all realised that crime does not pay; that corruption does not pay,” he remarked adding that these social vices fragmented the society and forced economy to become directionless. “What was needed was a total realisation that situation could be retrieved and one could look to a bright future,” the President added.
Here’s a snapshot of the speech he delivered on the occasion.

I am happy to note that this University has contributed substantially in the development of higher education in Bihar over the last nine decades. I understand Patna University has produced a number of brilliant academicians, technocrats, administrators, doctors, social workers of eminence.

The Patna University has the distinction of having its alumni important personalities like Mr. Hasan Imam, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and also the present Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar. I would like to discuss on the topic Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship.

Core Competence of Bihar

For the nation to develop, all the States have to develop. Bihar has an important role to play in realizing this vision. We have to look ahead with confidence and set our sights high to make Bihar the leading example of resilience, growth, modernity and collective achievement.

I am personally optimistic about Bihars success in negotiating the path of high growth especially because of the superior quality of human capital that the State is endowed with. This human capital is spread in to any parts of the country and contributing in administration, management and agricultural farming. From this we see that the core competence of Bihar in multiple areas is available in Bihar for transformation of the state into a development state. How can Patna University empower the young people of Bihar through its educational system?

Capacity Building
A good educational model is the need of the hour to ensure that the students grow to contribute towards the economic growth of a nation. Can we sow the seeds of capacity building among the students?

The aptitude for entrepreneurship should be cultivated right from the beginning and in the university environment. We must teach our students to take calculated risks for the sake of larger gain, but within the ethos of good business.

Any University is judged by the level and extent of the research work it accomplishes. This sets in a regenerative cycle of excellence. Experience of research leads to quality teaching and quality teaching imparted to the young in turn enriches the research. Research brings transformation and development and also enhances the quality of education.

To read the complete text click here and for other news click here ,and here

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