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Views on what can we do for Bihar : ?

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Cool Bihari: Views on what can we do for Bihar : ?

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Views on what can we do for Bihar : ?

Now let me tell you something very unique about the process of change. If you feel that people staying in Bay area and metro cities will be able to bring about a wave of change in the life of ordinary junta then it’s a fallacy. Somehow I strongly feel that you need to get rid of this TYPICAL MINDSET of waiting for something to happen or EXPECTING THAT SOMEONE FROM A FAR OFF LAND ,WHO IS ALREADY A BIG SUCCESS STORY can bring about change.

Let me make few things very clear about this notion of "ANGEL INVESTORS".

First, if at all long term changes have to take place, it must be initiated and nurtured at local level .Murthies and Azeem premji's of the world never waited for any angel to give them any kickstart. It takes personal initiative, courage and imagination on part of the individual to embark upon something novel and innovative. Take the example of Tata’s and Ambanies they had a dream and they simply worked hard to bring them into action.

Second, don’t look for role models, be your own role model. I guess we need to understand that just because someone has been successful in USA, Britain and other parts of the world he may not be able to replicate the same success story in Bihar. The rules of the games are very different in Bihar than any other place in this world. Look at LN Mittal despite being successful all over the world he is yet to embark upon his maiden Indian project in Jharkhand. Lord Swaraj Paul is another one such example,despite being so successful in UK he has not made any direct investment in India.(Ranjan ask Arun Sharma: He’ll tell you why he left Patna)

Third, Only initiative at local level can ensure mass participation at grass root level and only then can common man in Bihar relate with the success story and believe in the fact that they need not wait for NRI's and NRB's to come and play angel and give the Midas touch.

Look at the success of Sulabh International and Sudha Dairy. They have set great example of having world class business model for a developing society like Bihar and India. Its caters to the need of the common man in Bihar and ensures participation across all level of society irrespective of the educational, social and economic background.

Fourth, STOP expecting that people will come and settle in Bihar just because you have symbolic steps being taken to create some euphoria about notional change. Don’t forget that none of us want to leave our beloved State but it has taken lot of personal effort on part of each individual to somehow find a place amongst the best. If at all you want people to come back and settle in Bihar learn from the Indian example.

We have people coming from Bay area and settling down with Indian companies because they know that India is providing real world class opportunities and they need not miss this opportunity. The message is loud and clear "YOU HAVE TO CREATE REAL WORLD CLASS LONG TERM OPPORTUNITIES IF YOU WANT TO RETAIN TALENT”. The political leadership has to move beyond rhetoric’s and talk in terms of tangible results.

History of success entrepreneurship has one common theme and that is imagination and ability to create and spot opportunities. If people can spot those opportunities they will definitely come and create individual success stories.

If you feel you have the courage, determination and vision to do something go ahead and start, don’t wait for people to join you .If your vision makes sense to other and you are able to convince others about your vision people will run to you and plead you to be make them a part of your action plan.

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