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What can we do for Bihar ?

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Cool Bihari: What can we do for Bihar ?

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What can we do for Bihar ?

Dear Bihari Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks for your Expectation from New Political Leadership in BIHAR . 50 days are over. and Morning shows the day . Its LEADERSHIP which matters a lot whether it is Political or Commercial. That’s why NARAYAN MURTHY is a Brand and NITISH Kumar is creating a BRAND for himself .

Majority of you works with CORPORATE WORLD, You all are better exposed to New Economy, new World and New Purchasing POWER. Recently I was reading Mr Bagchi of MINDTREE in TOI Delhi edition on the background of New economy labour force and his survey suggest that majority of us have less exposure to WORLD . Your Hard work is your BRAND.

Any way , BIHAR is having new WAVE i.e. Expectation from NITISH KUMAR , Some coined IDEA of becoming enterprise , some with Philanthropist Jobs , some with Lets see and WATCH .

When I asked my friend Mr Arun Sharma , an IIM alumni ,Why DO YOU WANT TO STAY IN BIHAR ? He simply told ...No ONE (Corporate) WANTS to COME BIHAR but EVERY ONE WANTS to SELL their Products in BIHAR, whether it is HLL or ONIDA. But accepting these products in BIHAR is not mere a solution.

Apart from many stakeholders of BIHAR, NRB holds much STAKE and biggest is EMOTION. EMOTION CAN DRIVE us all. But the question is how much?

Everybody wants to be part of WIPRO Office in HAJIPUR, Bihari INfosysian would like to have a centre at DANAPUR, We all were exposed to New world in last 15 years , We want our Roads as wide as roads of NOIDA , we all want to have IITs / IIITs / IIMs / Microsoft / GE R & D centre / INTEL R & D Centre / Bill Gates Visits .......we want all in BIHAR .....Sab kuchh BIHAR me Hona chahiye .

Then Question is WHAT CAN WE DO for BIHAR ?

Q1. Are we Ready to resign our present JOB in METRO and retuning back to BIHAR?
Q.1.1. Are we ready to forget our Bay Area life?

Certainly , None of us are returning BIHAR without any Opportunities in BIHAR , Can we remember 1990 Manmohan Singh (MMS) opened the door of INDIA for MNCs and a few INDIANs returned INDIA forgetting thier life in USA / UK .

Those who returned INDIA majority of them returned back to their NEW NATIVE ..USA / UK . Thanks to IT wave which made even a Hyderabad Traffic Police to get a JOB in BAY AREA and keeping his suitcase with DOLLARs and driving easily available TOYOTA on SFO roads.

But the real and talented people come with an IDEA to establish a INDIAN LOBBY in USA / UK which resulted the Bill Gates Visit, One Night Stay in WHITE HOUSE for Vinod Gupta and Bill Clinton personal Visit in EAST UP.

Similarly we can too have a PROUD BIHARI LOBBY where we can exchange our deal with present company where we work. Simply, I can not star up a new enterprise in BIHAR but collectively we can REQUEST to have a INFOSYS / WIPRO / SATYAM etc in BIHAR, Similarly BIHARI in Government Jobs specially with CENTRAL Govt employees can form a LOBBY to send CENTRAL FUND in BIHAR.

So Its a High time to have a PROUD BIHAR LOBBY at each and every place where BIHARI are found. BIHARI IAS/ IPS posted at DELHI or other states and BIHARI JOURNALIST in MEDIA and BIHARI TECHNOCRATS can PLAY a MAJOR ROLE ..........

Are you willing to be part of it......???????????????

Mitti kee Sugandh..tujhe PUKAR rahi hai ..........

Ranjan R Sinh , NOIDA

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