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Bihar-What to do now

I totally share with u emotions,ideas but i feel we must take sum initiative in this direction.I thank u for initiating this debate.
I have been observing few activites recently which i am sure world of good for the State.For example we all know that one thing which really expedites the wheels of growth is the economic stability and prosperity of the state.
Being a student of economics i can tell you that its economy which drives politics.Let us take the case of sum of the developed states you will find that its the economic prosperity of the state which has been the prominent factor and driving force for growth and so called developement.
However the issue is that the economic and intellectual wealth of the state is being spent to serve the cause of other states and countries.People blame the system and just as NRI blame indian system for the state of affairs biharis blame the status quo for the present rotten situation.
I guess things will only improve if individually and also collectively we all speak well and do sum concrete action on our part to change the state of affairs.Other members also share ur views.

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