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Enterprise Bihar Post 03

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Cool Bihari: Enterprise Bihar Post 03

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Enterprise Bihar Post 03

The message, which I posted yesterday (Subject: - Change -), is onlythe first in an extensive series.
I am preparing an exposition on Development of Bihar, which is exploring opportunities andformulating strategies to bring some well-designed change. In the course of development of these mind-sets, numerous thoughts havestormed me and I have attempted to carve them down.
The basic course of action and our responsibilities which I have elaboratelydiscussed in my previous message and the upcoming ones to follow;amounted to my psyche probably around 10 months back and I have been arduously working to strengthen those ideas by propagating it to asmany minds as possible that are in agreement to those thoughts.
The writings not only demand a genial reading, but also incarnate actions to realize our imaginings.Thank you for your support and the constructive feelings you extended to me for initiating such a discussion which is of much value to the fortitude of all of us. I did not write much right in first message, because it was an approach to build an atmosphere which is specific though neutral, and is inviting to all kinds of gestures and ideas to discover the utmost possibilities in the concerned direction.
I assure that my writings will not only foreground the problems, but would also devise prospective solutions and promising fields to explore in which we can collectively excel.On being designated as an initiator, I would like to state at this instant that I am further working for a few months now, to start a business enterprise in Bihar and very sanguinely look at this opportunity. I am not deterred by the menial influences of inept and evil circumstances which do bootlessly try to envelop us today.
I have lived all my life in Bihar and understand the ergonomics of the trade and technology involved in a start-up in the state. I pursued my academics in the United States of America earning a Master'sdegree in Business Administration [MBA]. I graduated with a degree in Global Business Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, which taught me the mechanics of Human Resources and sharpened my Entrepreneurial abilities.
I am enthusiastic to initiate and establish some work in the state of Bihar and adjacent areas, so as to become a mild facilitator to the economic growth and societal success of the region in whatsoever manner I can be, large or little. Well, my education and experience has trained me to be adaptable and adjusting, and I do not look disapprovingly to any region in the country to start my profession; but my kinship to Bihar incontestably compels me to do some thing for my native soil.
Posted by Gautam


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