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For a change a call for Patna Open made good headline.These events just show the kind of sensitivity the yound school going kids have these days.Cool Bihari feels that initiative like these will go a long way in creating a new society of conscious and responsible citizens.
Unlike those who never fail to critisize but run away when entrusted with responsibilities and fail to act ,these kids have shown us how to respond to challenges in society.
History shows that change can only be brought about by mass collective conscious action.And here's a change for good.

PATNA: The “Patna Open” call given by a voluntary organisation, Oxygen, on 14th August Sunday had a mixed response with several schools holding classes and staging demonstrations. However, the markets of the state capital wore their usual Sunday look.
Even in schools which remained open several students skipped classes and preferred to remain at home. The “Patna Open” call was given by Oxygen in protest against kidnapping of schoolchildren and frequent calls for bandhs and blockades given by various organisations which disrupts teaching in schools. Students of Premalok Mission School formed a human chain near Chiraiyatand bridge in protest against bandhs called by different political parties on different issues. Placards such as “No bandh only work” were displayed.
The students of DAV School, Walmi, attended their classes in large numbers on Sunday. Apart from holding regular classes, the school held a “prayer assembly” and hawan. The state IMA has thanked its members for keeping their clinics and nursing homes open on Sunday. The organisation’s secretary Sachchidanand Kumar said that they had supported the call of “Patna Open” against kidnapping, murder and demand for ransom. Other schools of DAV group, Baldwin High School, International School, Gyan Niketan, Krishna Niketan and several other schools remained open. Students of several schools took out processions and formed human chains with placards to protest against frequent bandhs and processions.
Oxygen founder Binod Singh said that it was a non-violent way of sending a message to the people that children must not be made soft targets in any form of violence and also to highlight the fact that education was more important than other issues.

Source : TOI ,Patna

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