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Judgment Day:Democracy strikes back

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Cool Bihari: Judgment Day:Democracy strikes back

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Judgment Day:Democracy strikes back

Hey Folks,

Just can't resist the temptation to share some thoughts on the election results of the Bihar elections. Well let me tell you one thing people all over the country sit back and listen whenever it comes to Bihar elections. The only difference between the elections till now and this time elections was that it was different in all aspects. Well the difference is also to be seen in the final outcome of polls.

I was watching a popular news channel on which a particular comment by a lady on being asked about the likely state of affairs in Bihar after elections really gave me a cool smile. Her punch line was "Since Laloo is in a dock Bihar's gonna Rock”. Man this was a cool sound bite for sure.

Well now that we are going to see change of guards are we also going to see some real time action? Let’s just hope for the best as we have been doing .But one good the results have shown is the fact that our citizens can not be taken for a ride every time on the basis of caste and religion.

I guess the results are going to have a far reaching impact on common's man psychology and popular perception about Bihar as a State and Biharis in general.

The second pertinent outcome of this election is that the status quo is gone. This means the political situation will remain fluid and the common man will have a greater say on the state of affairs. If things can change after 15 years I am sure people can calculate 5 yrs is good enough probation period.

Lets just hope for the best....

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