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The Indian Utopian

Here's what Amitabh has to say about my last post....

IT was really nice to know your views on Electoral reforms.
Bt dont you think the Political parties should have a set of duties, Tasks, in Tangible terms for them to be registered as a political party.

The idea may seem vague but that's how rest of the working strata is set up right!

Eg. U need to be a graduate to be an I.A.S ( I am not talking abt qualification).Its like a party or a candidate before being given a status of party or candidate should have certain pre determined set of achievables judged not by masses but by some independent impartial institution, ( we still have a few in our Country..Isn't it).

Though, it might sound autocratic, but democracy is difficult to be practiced in a country where literacy rate barely touches 50%. In my opinion a country should be made ready for democracy over a period of time and the total Parliamentary democracy should be brought in force.

would you say Indian Democracy has been successful in terms of guarding the int rest of the have nots of the society.Pls don't misunderstand me,I know Democracy is the best known way of giving able leadership, maximum representation and governing a state. But to enforce it in totality certain ground work is required. In terms making people literate and aware enough to choose the right person.

Aristotle's Utopia doesn't work in reality. just think on these lines.............Is it Possible
May be..????

Amitabh Sahay

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