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Cool Bihari: The Right Time :II

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The Right Time :II

Once again I thank Gautam for taking the initaitive for discussing the issue.
Now as far as the process of development is concerned we all would agree that everyone wants to have a good quality of life and somehow this feeling has creeped into the minds of our generation that one can't have a good carrer in his own state.
Actually every individual first tries to serve his own personal ambition rather than being concerned about the state.Let me take this group for example I have had discussions with some members on this issue and generally they fell that they will never be able to have the kind of lifestyle which they may have at any other place.
Secondly, I also believe that one need not stay in his homeland to serve that state.
Let us take the general Indian examples .In the early 60's ,70's and 80's thousands of Indian talent from best institutes migrated to USA,Britain and other countries for greener pastures and better work exoposure and research work.
Now 25 yrs later we find that this contingent of Indians have become the best Brand ambassadors for the country.
You have many such names ,Vinod Gupta,Vinod Dham,Kanwal Rekhi, Bose, Rana Talwar,Jagdish Bhgawati,Indya Noori, Deeak Chopra, Meghnad Desai, Booby Jindal, Gururaj Deshpandey,L N Mittal, and many more. Now these people have some of the best success stories to tell and consequently when they have reached the top everyone listens.This carries lot of good will and they have ensured that the world listens to what they feel.
I am sure all of you will agree that even Biharis today have migrated to other states and countries in search of better opportunities.So I am very sure that the time will come when all of us will pool our knowledge ,Skills and resources for the development of the state.
Now the most important thing is that you also need some homegrown success stories like those of Infosys ,TCS,and Wipro to attract talent and people's attention.You know the most imporant thing is that one must have firm belief and conviction about one's action.
So I fully support the idea of setting up industries , having quality institutions and quality healthcare to start this process.

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