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Cool Bihari: The IIT-JEE Riddle

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The IIT-JEE Riddle

The ministry of HRD has brought about significant changes in the examination pattern and eligibility criteria for IIT-JEE exams.Some of the changes are radical and may also affect the future of large no. of IIT-JEE aspirants from the state of Bihar and UP.
The eligibility criteria of 60% minimum marks in +2 is one such change which will surely affect large no. of aspirants who appear from Inter council and other state boards.Also in a way this will lead to natural closure of all inter level colleges as most of the aspirants will try and maximise their marks % by joining CBSE and ICSE boards.
However the biggest confusion will be for those aspiarnts who have passed their +2 in the year 2004 and are planning to appear for IIT-JEE,2006.
I feel that although the new changes are good but it needs to be properly timed and an official version of the changes must come from the IIT's themselves Their has been hell lot of confusion and despite the changes being introduced for better it appears as if the HRD ministry is under hurry to implement the same.
Also I believe that the changes related to the no. of attempts (maximum 2) and % of marks(60% minimim in +2) should not be clubbed together.As far as removal of the screening exams is concerned its a welcome move but at the same time I feel that these moves are ill timed.If at all the changes were to be introduced then it should have been made in the month of May or June itself.
However lets hope that some sanity prevails in the minds of those responsible and the changes are made applicable from the next year exams.
But the larger question which I still fail to understand is that in the last few years their has been continous tinkering with the exams pattern which does little to improve the level of inatake but one thing it does for sure is to add confusion in the minds of aspirants.
Although internationally the multiple choice objective type test is considered to be the standard pattern in india we are still struggling to come up with a standard pattern of conducting exams.

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Hey I was looking at your blog, I found it pretty interesting.
I am from Trinidad, and I recently found out that the majority of indentured labourers from India came to Trinidad from Bihar, and makes sense....cuz a lot of stuff is similar....

but stuffs u got! :)

Hey Indira Thanx for your comments.
Nice name you have .......Its nice to know that you are interested in knowing about your people.

Its true that in the last 100 years or so a large no.of skilled and unskilled labour from Bihar has migrated to different parts of the world in search of better career options.

However I am very keen to learn how these people have adjusted their and have they lost their traditional Bihari and Indian roots after being settled over their for years.

Do let me know your views.



i totally feel that the guys in patna feel like, i passsed out from science college myself and know how difficult it is!!!.
nonetheless1! may the best man win!!! ride on!!

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