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Together - Stronger - Sunnier

By: Gautam

It's great to get-together. And that's what we are doing here. It's good to connect and find like-minded people, more so over who are not only interested but are also willing to do something for the motherland.

In the last eleven years, I have been able to connect to many a people via personal meetings, social functions, telephone, internet groups, email, interactive websites, forums and networking events. We continue to well institute relationships and have been working avidly on diverse social projects being executed in various parts of India. I believe, similarly, with time, in a few weeks; our interactions would make us aware of each others' interests and focus areas, and we will be working smartly in logically formed teams.

Undoubtedly all the members on the group have spent considerable time in Bihar and have very strong sense of attachment with the state. Similarly, I have very rich and deep feelings for Bihar, and Bihar is one of the very few long-term (everlasting) priorities in my life.

I do not know whether it is fortunate or otherwise, that I/we/most of us are not in Bihar and will spend an important period of our lives outside the state for various reasons. I am in the US for a few years, working on a range of issues, but certainly I do not very much enjoy it. I will feel happier if I will be in Bihar working for the motherland. But can't help! Had to come out in order to attain something in life; don't know whether in personal terms, but certainly in professional terms!! And, plans suggest that have to stay away from home for a few more years as a participant in this rat race of "establishing" myself.

But somehow it's ok! We are being informed of a lot of things and experiencing the worldly effects is a good thing to do. A first hand experience would for sure help us to implement similar ideas in the state, whenever appropriate, and if needed.

Speaking about those who have to leave the home for various reasons, most of the times in search of greener pastures; I believe we can categorize people like us, vaguely in the following three groups:

Brave: These are the individuals who had the opportunity to leave everything back home and come out, and build themselves quicker. But they chose not to do so, and pledged to contribute their lives for the native soil.

Smart: People, who leave their homes, come out, see the world, experience the mechanics and learn in the process. And, after spending a considerable time and learning a lot, go back and contribute in the prosperity of the motherland.

Active: These are the people, who came out, established themselves, gained much experience, but for some reason cannot go back; so contribute in the progressive process by donating time, money, resources; and work remotely for the native land.

There is another set of people who can well be termed as Inactive, as they do not contribute at all towards the homeland. This may be because of absence of a chance, lack of resources, unavailability of time, communication gap; or simply they are not bothered!! This crowd has its members all over, within and outside Bihar, almost everywhere. I do not know if this is the strongest group, but certainly is the largest with the maximum number of members.

I am glad that I am communicating to you, for you are, either Brave, Smart, or Active; and together we will grow as a group. I do not know whether we will be larger than the Inactive Group, but certainly will be much-much stronger.

With my best wishes,

Mc Lean (Virginia), United States

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