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Cool Bihari: Winds of Change in Bihar

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Winds of Change in Bihar

So finally Lalu has been applauded as a great Manager by none other than IIM-A Director, Bakul H Dholakia. So does it means this augurs well for Bihar as one of it’s ex chief minister is rated as the best manager and the present Chief Minister has just been voted, second time in row, as the most preferred chief minister of an Indian State? I’m sure the citizens of state can’t ask for more.

Considering the realities of the state it would be fair to say that the people of the state actually need the best from all its leaders if at all it needs to catch up with the rest and make amends for the past.

One of the best things about Indian democracy is that it never fails to amuse you, the same holds true for our Politicians too. Laloo in general considered to be the most corrupt, inefficient, rustic and chief culprit for the backwardness of Bihar. People of Bihar have not been able to forget the ignominy and indictment afflicted by the 15 years of tyranny committed by Laloo and his folks. It’s too hard and difficult for them to forgive him for throes of being labeled as a state of Jungle raj and lawlessness.

Now suddenly we have a new Chief Minister who promises to revive the pristine glory of Bihar and we have new hope and aspiration. But does it also means Lalu has learnt his lessons and has risen from ashes in a new avatar? Is it the end of corrupt, inefficient and inept politicians from Bihar? The answer to this is not easy.

The state has some serious malaise which every administrator or politicians need to address. Be it the obnoxious politicians-criminal-bureaucracy connection, the caste driven politics, or even the lawlessness and crime perpetuated by high ups, all this has been responsible for the deep crisis which we face today.

To expect that any politician or leader will be able to extricate us from the excruciating vicious circle is little too optimistic. As an individual they may have great dreams and vision but as the leader of a party they also have some black sheep’s in their own pack. One of the serious challenges which I see for any govt in Bihar is too keep a check on the unsavory characters from different walks of Public life.

On the brighter side I see lot of positive action, vision and serious public efforts through various groups, forums to collectively work for a change. Be it people from Bihari origin or Non Resident Bihari’s every one is chipping in and the emotional connect has been revived and the cynicism has given way to optimism. Perceptions count a lot and our Chief Minister is also not leaving any stone unturned to make an impact wherever possible by statements like this "You know, Tata’s want to invest in Bihar,"

The CM said he is in receipt of a letter from Ratan Tata, saying he wanted to come to Bihar. "I have also written back to him saying he is most welcome Investment proposals worth about Rs 9,000 crore have been cleared by the NDA government, he said and added, "That is a record in itself". He said he is trying to serve Bihar to the best of his ability. "I am trying to write a new story for the state every day," he said. He, however, said that decisions taken by him are not final. "I respect suggestions made by others and my doors are open for people giving suggestions,".

His Govt. was also commended for "positive changes in law and order and development efforts" by British High Commissioner in India Sir Michael Arthur who promised greater assistance in certain key areas. "On the basis of our feedback from different sources, I can say that there are positive changes in Bihar on law and order.... We are impressed by the developmental efforts," Arthur told reporters after meeting the Chief Minister at the State Secretariat.

With Laloo winning accolades all over India and Nitish in Bihar who is also the ex-railways minister and has been credited for setting the track for railways revival it promises a bright future for the state. We can actually hope that a benchmark for future govt. is set in the days to come so that the people of Bihar can reap the fruits of a well administered state .

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i must congratulate you for such eye opening and powerful blog!!!
thank you for visiting my blog and i am wondering why did i take so much time to reach here??
i am also linking happiyly this blog to my blog link!!
can i get to read more about the life of farmers of patna rice?

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