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Cool Bihari: Thakur Vikas Sinha:Cool Bihari of the Month

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Thakur Vikas Sinha:Cool Bihari of the Month

Be led by your heart and do your own thing” is the credo of our Cool Bihari of the Month.

Thakur Vikas Sinha popularly known as TVS in the Cool Bihari group has been a driving force behind the Patna Rice Project. TVS triggered our imagination by his thought provoking and in-depth study on Patna Rice and its future potential.

Thakur Sahab attended XLRI, Jamshedpur where he studied Marketing, Finance and earned a Masters degree in 1988. He also attended IT BHU where he studied Chemical Engineering and earned a Bachelors degree in 1986. TVS has around 18 years of rich experience at various senior level management positions in top IT companies like CMC, Mphasis and Polaris software.

Despite his the fact that he earned his educational qualifications and worked through out his professional career outside Bihar, he remains connected to his roots and continue to contribute for the cause of Bihar at various forums.

Our Cool Bihari member Chandan who meet him recently during his visit to Patna says “Frankly, before meeting him, I thought of him to resemble Mr Ravi Shanker Prasad( Minister during BJP regime), maybe subconsciously based on his voice and the photograph of his in which he seems to be wearing a black waistcoat..but, He is different. A savvy technocrat, very articulate and polished, is having loads of patience and a very good judge of personalities.

Inside the professional shell is a very warm person, homely, funny and sentimental about his home state. I had a wonderful time with him and in this short time learned a lot from him. We had healthy discussions on a number of issues, honest and sometimes brutally so, and always came out learning more about the subject. He is a Perfect gentleman to lead this highly talented and dedicated group of people. It was really a very nice experience working with him.

Full of humour, josh and positive ideas, that TVS for you. TVS is also regular contributor on various e-groups and websites on Bihar related discussions. He has penned/keyed articles on various educational and cultural issues related to Bihar. Some of his popular articles are:

The Jekyll and Hyde in Lalu
The 'Babu-ization' of Bihar Education
Radio Raghav - Illegal Yes, but Who is Culpable?
Patna Rice, a Killer Geographic Indicator
Why My Heart Bleeds This Republic Day

TVS feels that in order to improve job opportunities in Bihar in IT / ITES we must begin with:

1. A TPO in each college with a budget for travel to companies all over the country.

2. Appoint savvy teachers to TPO, preferably those who have exp in the industry or least have good communication capabilities

3. Have them in the syllabus committee of the colleges

He feels that Negative image, bad infrastructure, neglect by the centre and keeping the state to ransom by a small but very vocal criminalized political fringe has been the reason why we lag behind , despite having the best of talent in our state we have not been able to capitalize on the vast pool of Skilled Human Resources.

However on an optimistic note he says that even if some these things may be changed, we have a very bright future. His top 3 wish list for Bihar are:

-Appropriate share of central funding for development.

-Keeping a check on the criminalized politicians.

-Pragmatic rather than loaded by ideology policies and execution by the state govt.

TVS says that the youth of Bihar should work improve their communication skills and learn English well. They should work on developing individual capability, rather than falling back on contacts. He suggests that we must to help our friends as much as possible – as all the help we extend will come back to us as help from others soon enough .

We wish TVS the very best in his personal and professional future endeavors ahead and I’m sure he’ll continue to inspire the new generation of Biharis with his commitment and passion for the cause of Bihar.

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Bihar need people like him to lead.

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