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Bihar 08 - In review

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Cool Bihari: Bihar 08 - In review

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Bihar 08 - In review

Year 2008 will go down as a significant year for Bihar for multiple reasons. We saw major changes and initiatives getting actionised on ground in the area of education, investment and development programs. The state also suffered a major setback due to the sorrow of Koshi , the worst ever floods which we have seen in recent years.

Still in a way it was a remarkable year from the viewpoint of the States overall progress in terms of setting the ball rolling. The setting up of IIT Patna , Chandragupta Institute of Management(collaboration with IIM, Ahmedabad) and Chanakya Law institute are few of the most important landmarks as it was due for the state from some time.

Our recent flood relief efforts of web based groups has been well received by different quarters and thanks to the great team work and selfless service by our teams the global community is also recognizing the efforts of virtual groups in a crisis management situation. Till now Catrina relief, Mumbai bombings and other crisis situations were supported through various web based support groups based on facebook,orkut,twitter, bloggers etc.

The flood relief team has been doing a splendid job of providing relief and rehabilitation of the grief struck flood ravaged parts of Bihar. This has been recognized as one of the biggest blogging moments of 2008 and also a great act of citizen journalism. This also got some mainstream media attention and we were interviewed by NDTV for the efforts which NRB’s have taken in this crisis situation.

Cool Bihari blog has also recognized as a one of the prominent citizen journalism blog /blogger heros and thanks to the efforts of the team we really feel that the crisis has really shown how we can make a big impact as a group.

Look forward to another exciting year ahead and continuing with the momentum which has picked over the last few years.

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this will also be the year when bihar bore the brunt of heinous ridicule and hopefully when the people of bihar finally wake up from their slumber

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