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Cool Bihari: Wonders of Bihar

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Wonders of Bihar

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Thanks a lot for sharing these videos.

Thanks for sharing videos.

I do not know who shot this documentary. In this documentary, nothing has been said about why and how this University was "erased" from map of world.
The Afghan General - Bakhtiyar Khilji attacked India around 12 century and he was told about the Nalanda University. He visited the university and the first question he asked to the head of university was "Do you have a copy of Quran?" The head of the university said, "NO". In moments his head was rolling around the floor and blood was dripping from the sword of Bakhtiyar Khilji. He killed many students and monks and destroyed this great university.

When the famous Chinese philosopher (I am not sure of his name- Huang Zhang) heard the destruction of Nalanda University, he came to India, but he took around 4-5 months to reach India and he found the university library was still burning, even after so many months.

No wonder why Afghanistan and Afghans are suffering now, even though I do not like them to suffer. But I believe in Karma.


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