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The man behind Bihar's turnaround

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Cool Bihari: The man behind Bihar's turnaround

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The man behind Bihar's turnaround

Five year back, who would have thought that the Chief Minister of Bihar would be credited with the biggest turnaround story of transforming a state from a land of despair to one of glorious hope and progress. But finally Bihar has found a leader (not just a politician) who has changed the landscape by turning the tides around and setting the wheels of development in motion.

In one of my earlier post I had referred to the survey published by HT which had comprehensive data on the changes and most importantly on the perception of people since Nitish took over as the chief minister.

In a recent TOI editorial comment Nitish has been well credited for his efforts and he was even rated as perhaps the better CM . The editor castigates business leaders for openly supporting Modi and ignoring the efforts of Nitish. 
Nitish has done a more commendable job, in many respects, than Modi. While Modi has built on an already established entrepreneurial culture in prosperous Gujarat, Nitish has taken a sick state like Bihar and attained a fair measure of success in improving matters. In terms of the CEO analogy that was freely bandied about at the summit, it's a better CEO who can take over a sick company and nurse it back to health. 
He is also nominated as the best political leader for the year 2008 by CNN IBN poll for his excellent leadership in turning around Bihar. Vote for him as he really deserves to win.

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Dear All,

It's nice to see you all are trying to show the bihar strength. Let's support it.

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