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Cool Bihari: So far so good...

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So far so good...

It was a pleasant surprise when I looked at the number of posts on the cool Bihar blog yesterday. I just didn’t realize that the last post actually took the total number of posts to 301.It almost been over three years since I started this blog and I must confess it has been an enriching and proud experience when I look back at the small but significant journey so far.

To me it has also been a process of discovery and learning, an effort to showcase the great land called Bihar which has been the most ignored and denigrated by the ignorant few. I’m neither a reformer nor an activist but this blog intended to sensitize bihari and Non Biharies about what this state has always doing but still getting marginalized and deplored by folks in media and other parts of the country.

Not sure how successful I have been in this effort to change perceptions or sensitize others about Bihar but this blog has lot of self pride and personal emotions attached so I will always look at this with great pride and joy. In this effort if some folks have know something new and unique about Bihar and have also thought differently and optimistically about the issues raised here, I think my efforts have gone in the right direction.

I would think the purpose of creating this virtual space is fulfilled if it has been able to inspire few of us to think about the challenges and need of this state, to make some real time effort to contribute in making a better Bihar.

This was just an introspection journey so far and I’m hoping to have much more support from the Cool Bihari team and other friends who have been taking the ideas forward and collaborating as a team to lead what we call as Bihar 2.0 initiatives.

Thanks a lot for your feedback ,support and contribution.Do keep coming back.

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