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Cool Bihari: Bihar -So far so good

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Bihar -So far so good

The year end seems to be culminating on some great positive notes for Bihar. Now that the Union human resource development ministry has given the approval, the path has been cleared for the setting up of three more Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) — in Rajasthan, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.

So after proposal to have an IIM and NIFT campus, we now have the IIT’s finding a place in the map of Bihar. These steps were long overdue and these institutions have had prestigious alumnus from the state over the years and its time the merit and caliber of Bihari students in recognized by having centers of these institutions in Bihar.On Cool Bihari I have been trying to highlight the achievements of Biharis and Bihar’s untapped potential over the years it gives us immense pleasure and a deep consolation to see our dreams shaping up of having a Bihar which will relive the glory of its past and will also herald a new awakening. Check more here.

Also it was interesting to see the development on Phase Three of the National Highway Development Programme (NHDP III) where seven new road projects are to be included for Bihar, taking the length of roads in the state under NHDP III from 113 km to 890 km. In fact, Bihar will have the largest increase in the total length under this programme — up by 777 km.

In one of the earlier post, T V Sinha had highlighted the step motherly treatment given to Bihar in the various central development plans. Well, looks like our prayers have been answered and we could not have asked for a better New Year gift for Bihar.

We have another instance of a person of Bihari origin settled in some other part of the world and coming back to Bihar to find his roots back, to his ancestors place. Girija Singh said he was associated with former South African president Nelson Mandela during the fight against apartheid and was in prison for 11 years from 1963 to 1974.

According to him, his grandfather migrated from a village in Bihar in 1910 to South Africa and worked as a labourer in a sugar factory. He later settled in Durban.'I have little information about the name of my grandfather's village and its location. But it is in Bihar,' Girija Singh said.He has approached government officials who have assured him necessary cooperation in his mission.

In another development “The Japanese Bank of International Co-operation will fund the conversion project of the existing 320 km of bumpy roads into a smooth four-lane highway in Bihar's Buddhist circuit zone.
The Buddhist circuit includes the famous Bodh Gaya, Rajgrih, Nalanda and Vaishali. 'The Japanese bank has agreed in principle to fund the project in the Buddhist circuit. The state government will submit a feasibility report to the bank by February,' said R.K. Singh, secretary, road construction department Saturday.

Interesting thing here is the fact that be it Japan or South Africa Bihar’s legacy has some old connections in different parts of the world and I am sure our Bihari Diaspora settled in various parts of the world will also share the joy and would come forward to contribute for the cause of the state and partner in various projects.

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