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Cool Bihari: Another Bihari Girl in News

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Another Bihari Girl in News

Another girl of Bihari origin has recently been in news after being appointed judge of the District Circuit Court of Massachusetts last month.

Sabita Singh has become an icon for the people of Mureka in Saran district, about 300 km from the state capital. She is the first South Asian woman to become an American district judge."She is a new star for the old and the young here. After all, becoming a judge even in India for a woman is not easy, and she has become one in America," Komal Kumar, a village resident, said with visible pride.

Mureka is a sleepy hamlet with 80 households. Singh went to the US as a child with her family."I was raised in rural Pennsylvania, went to Pennsylvania State University where I got my Bachelor's Degree in the Administration of Justice," she had told a website catering to the Indian community in New England a couple of years back.

She got her degree from Boston University School of Law and then did a clerkship with the Massachusetts Superior Court.

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