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Cool Bihari: Terrorism:The Debate

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Terrorism:The Debate

Last week debate on terrorism had a very valid point raised by Atul “The motivations of people who give up their lives in terrorist activities is not a secure/wealthy future. In fact many of these people give up whatever prosperity they have for their cause which they believe is a great cause. It is driven more by the training/brainwashing they have gone through. The roots of Osama bin Laden lie in Saudi Arabia which is not a poor country, neither is he personally..”

I agree with you that terrorism has its roots in firm belief and convictions about certain beliefs.

Kashmir,Punjab,Suadi Arabia,Naxalite, MCC(in Nepal, Bihar) wherever the case may be but terrorism has a unique pattern which is seen across borders.

First their apparently has to be some or other economic issue which is the root cause of starting any insurgency. Land,Capital ,natural resources are three most prominent reasons. Any fight for separation like Bodoland, Naxal strife and MCC in Neal is against the current power centres.

Apparently it has to be a convincing reason for people going against the govt. or some superior authority. World over the demand for separate nation-state or province is based on economic inequality. Its only when the deserving ones are sidelined and boycotted in reaping the fruits of the land, that we see some resistance simmering and taking a form of resistance against the state. When this voice of people is crushed with iron hand it leads to resistance and eventually a form of terrorism movement begins. After all what is terrorism to common man is freedom struggle for some.

Now what is the way out…….educate, create awareness, mass campaigns and goodwill initiatives from the state to drive the fact that the sate is juts and equitable in its approach and deeds. Create an atmosphere of trust, participation, negotiation, dialogue and effective bargaining.

Believe me War has never been a solution and no other nation is going to waste its energy as much as America in this war against terror and you’ll find some years from now it will be the only country left struggling economically and also strategically because essentially it’s the economic consideration like weakening of Dollar and trade deficit and inflation which is driving Busg Nuts. Read more here

Someone like Osama is popular because he like all great charismatic leaders he has been able to exploit human emotion successfully for his personal gain. I agree that some of these people may be rich, but the point is that money plays the most important part is garnering public and mass support. I 'm sure you are aware of the fact that even Hindu folks have joined the Jihadi movement in Kashmir in the last few years, and the simple reason behind this is economic compulsion

Ajit Bhai .. am sorry to offer a differin g opinion here. In the link that you have given I didn't see a) any economic reason driving terrorism , b) Hindu folks joining Jihadi movement

There is am example of Kuldeep Kumar alias Akhtar Ansari of Kishtawar. Now if I have to become Abdul from Atul for survival and after becoming one of the jihadis then where is the the case of economic reason here.

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