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Debate on Development Process for Bihar

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Cool Bihari: Debate on Development Process for Bihar

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Debate on Development Process for Bihar

On the Development Process in Bihar.

Sunil views " Apparently Cool Biharis is a young vibrant group with ideologies in development of the state of Bihar. Those of us who has gone through this enthusiasm and lived in so called developed countries, do find the demerits, vices etc. of development and vainly look for forums who have realized this cancer. Just to take you back to the good olden days of Bihar, the seat of learning, e.g. Nalanada Uni., when Buddhism was flourishing (thanks to Mogul intervention who partially was responsible for wiping out Buddhism )... The name Bihar originated from the the word 'Vihar', a place of worship for Buddhists, usually a monastery with a Pagoda etc. There had being thousands of these in Bihar, especially during King Asoka's time.
Today, few remain and Buddhists from all over the world visit them and Boddha Gaya is one of the most venerated - the place which is most significant to the Universe as Buddha's Dhamma extended to Deva and Brahma worlds. I presume the International AirPort in Gaya is now commissioned and international flights are in operation. In my view, to develop Bihar as a service centre is the best option, which will least pollute the environment and obviously IT field heads the list. Those who live in Bihar who have influence over politicians and bureaucrats, needs to convince them to tap the Buddhists from these rich countries such as Taiwan (the top country for games programming), Japan, Korea etc. to invest in Bihar.
I understand the Japanese are on their way to build golf courses and tourists complexes in the vicinity of Gaya (which they have done in Queensland, where I live). The rich Japanese, Taiwanwese businessmen have contributed substantial amount of money to build temples, hotels etc. You all need just to tap this 'resource' and the place you need to go is Buddha Gaya, putting aside your affiliations to your creed. To establish an 'Industrial Zone or 'a Silicon Valley' is a good move, so that investment would be easy for foreigners if they see a good infrastructure.
All the very best for a bright future for Bihar, which will be my next home, but for Brahma's sake, attempt to maintain the 'pristine poverty' in Bihar, which will be itself a tourist attraction in the future, when everywhere on earth has developed with 'concrete' and people wear masks just to survive! Also just as much you went back to the rightful names of Mumbai, Chennai, fight to restore the name of Pataliputra for Patna, to eradicate the vestige of British crap!

My views the process adopted for bringing about this change may vary depending about the resources available .We do get lost in the race for economic development and the basic values and patterns of our social and cultural aspects also undergo a change.

We need a blend of modern society with a healthy mix of our good old values and age old heritage. In fact I just read a wonderful post by Prof Madhukar Shukla which has a wonderful comparison between the different approaches of two generations.

"...I mean, if you are living in a society/country where the median age is 24yrs, and around 40% population is in the range of 20-44yrs - and you happen to be past your half-century - then, there is a compelling reason to understand how the world has changed around you... Isn't it?

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After laloo rule of 15 years, even if normalcy returns its a good thing. Past glory wlll take a long tiem. Informative write up.

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