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It's a shame

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Cool Bihari: It's a shame

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It's a shame

It’s scary and alarming how politicians and newsmongers can create havoc and tarnish the social fabric of our nation. Be it in the name of religion, caste, region, language or state, we keep reminding the world that despite being a progressive plural society some parochial and self serving scum continue to disturb the harmony of this great country.

How can a citizen be proud of his country when his own fellow countrymen are killed in the name of state and language?

Isn’t it a shame that state sponsored pogrom is being directed against North Indians and people are scared to speak in Hindi, our national language, in our own country?

What would India stand for if we start hate campaigns in the name of religion, language and region?

What message are we giving to our young generation when people are talking about reservations in the name of caste and region?

On one hand we keep shouting that India is a land of great opportunity and invite foreign investors while on the other hand we are debarring and killing our own countrymen just because they come from the state called Bihar.It’s a shame that very few people are coming forward and speaking their mind out on this issue. The same bunch of social glitterati , chatterati which would speak till death on every petty issue has suddenly gone into shell as it just doesn’t matter to many when the hands of a hawker are chopped off just because he belongs to Bihar and earns his daily livelihood by sweating it out every day.

While we keep blabbering about lead India campaign but very few come forward to lend a helping hand to the victims of this hate campaign. The effete leadership of this country is comfortably numb to the pain and agony of millions who have been facing the odds and humiliations everyday but we are basking in the glory of the new tax proposal as it helps us to become cozier than ever before. In my own country we are treated as migrants and we are subject to discriminations just because we don’t speak a particular language.

What’s the fault of the millions of Indians if they have been born in a less privileged state?

Bloody shame!! We are still proud to be Indian.

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