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Cool Bihari: Bihar marches ahead

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Bihar marches ahead

Every year end when I post my last blog post for Cool Bihari I get a strange sense of pride and satisfaction which is hard to describe in words. May be it’s just an emotional outpour of a son for his motherland who yearns to be closer to Bihar or may be its just that every year our dreams are getting bigger and bolder. It’s a feeling which is stronger and more convincing, it’s a secret joy of seeing how we are all bouncing back and rewriting every letter in the chapter of the New Bihar.

Call it the renaissance of Bihar or Bihar 2.0; call it the New Bihar or revival of the golden past. You may choose the term depending on your faith and school of thought but the truth is that Bihar has truly bounced back strong and the journey which started few years back has finally seen some real changes on ground.

The year 2007 has seen many path breaking initiatives in Bihar; the world took notice of the emerging and untapped potential of Bihar. The doubting Thomases may continue to be skeptical but they must take cognizance of what our Ex-President Dr Kalam said, “India needs a developed Bihar which, more than any other state, has potential to achieve all the indexes.”


The faith affirmed in Bihar and its infinite potential has been proved as this year the State’s vital index of economic growth has seen significant improvement and right from revenue generation to development investment has gone up. Although the state did witnessed the scourge of a devastation floods as well but the resilience and optimism shown by Biharis from all walks of life has been remarkable. This blog has details of various events which shaped Bihar’s fortunes in the year 2007,as you go through the posts you’ll realize how each positive move in Bihar has given new confidence and renewed the pride of Biharis around the world. It has made each one of us proud of what we had and what we are aspiring for. Our heart swells with pride when we see our Bihari kids making news or a common man from Bihar achieve the extra ordinary. Sports, Arts, Media, Fashion, Science or technology or any sphere of life, Biharis around the world have achieved laurels for their unique achievements and contribution.

It has been a year of translating our dreams into action and we have taken the first and most important step in this direction, we still have a long way to go and we all know this. The challenges inspire us and the little success we had has boosted our faith in our dreams and we are all marching together in this journey.Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2008.

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i live in bangalore and find scores of biharis migrating to bangalore daily for job and education.... that means bihar shining is just another gimmick started by bihar govt.

Mr. Anonymous
its not just a another lie made by NDA. u go to bihar and u urself can see the difference. Bihar is really changing. Bihari people want development now. That's y JD(u) MP from bikramganj has won in mid term election not RJD. but u can not see it. but in just 2 years, migration is not going to stop. it will take time... so wait and watch......

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