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Cool Bihari: Gandhigiri in Bihar

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Gandhigiri in Bihar

Interesting article on rediff today which says that although Bihar lags behind the developed states but it has the potential to catch up fast.
The fact of the matter is that India is not a developing country, but a re- developing country, and the South is simply re-developing faster, because it has managed to retain just a fraction more of the traditional Indian-ness. This Indian work ethic (is what made India such a powerhouse in centuries past, and it is the unleashing of this entrepreneurial creativity that has enabled India to grow at 8 per cent. There is no reason that the rest of the country cannot catch up with the South, and I continue to be most bullish about Bihar and Orissa, the laggards of the day.

Perhaps some food for thoughts for us, as citizens what we need to learn from the developed states and also adopt the best practices and prepare better for the social upheavals which unbalanced growth brings in the society.

Undoubtedly, Bihar’s potential was never doubted, it’s just that the mix of inefficient and disenchanted bureaucracy and corrupt politicians never took the cause of the people with serious and collective effort. Although the whole country leaped ahead in the glory of open economy and liberalization but Bihar unfortunately plunged into a chasm. Times have changed and so has the approach of people towards things.

As responsible citizens we first need to reform ourselves, why do we need eunuchs in front of our houses if we pay our taxes regularly. In my limited experience I have seen some highly responsible people bending the rules as per their convenience. They are the first one to accuse other when it comes to the blame game. What’s surprising is that like our true Indian brothers we break rules only in our own backyard (Bihar).A Bihari living in other state will continue to do what an Indian does in other parts of world.

Be it paying taxes, electricity bills or even the traffic rule on streets, for change to have all round impact, these small but significant steps are critical. For any policy or action on part of govt. or developmental agencies to make its impact felt its citizenry must co-operate and be receptive to the actions being taken. Pressure groups and NGO’s must work with the state machinery to spread this message. If our developmental efforts have to bear long term fruits we also need to create a mass awareness on the rights and duties of each citizen.

As Munna Bhai would have rightly said"it’s time for Gandhigiri in Bihar”

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