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Cool Bihari: Bihar's Shining !!!!

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Bihar's Shining !!!!

There were times when it was difficult to find some silver linings in the dark clouds of crime, poverty and dejection in Bihar. It would be benign to say that the mainstream media was hostile towards Bihar. They earned their bread and butter by selling Bihar’s and Biharis misfortune. Times have changed and in the last one year there’s never been a day when something positive in Bihar goes unnoticed by the media. Suddenly reporting the other or rather the better side of Bihar is en vogue in mainstream media.

So if you happen to miss some action from Bihar for a day or two, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the news from Bihar.The good news just keeps coming and every Bihari knows deep inside that the time of our motherland has come.

Some of the actions this week are good enough indicators that things are shaping in the right direction.A seminar was conducted in Patna on the 'Role of Media in Today's Bihar this Wednesday and Senior Journalist, peace activist and former Rajya Sabha Member Kuldip Nayar was in Patna to attend the meet.He said that had gotten used to being suppressed and oppressed by its previous leaders and it was up to the people of Bihar and the state media to extricate themselves from this predicament."Bihar cannot come out of this rut with the help of only external investments. People of Bihar will have to make a choice whether they want development or not," Nayar said.

In yet another instance of exemplary Bihari talent, TOI reports about Bhavna Thakur an NRB who is making big in the world of arts and culture.

Daughter of senior IAS officer Ajay Kumar Thakur, Bhavna still remembers her Bihar connections vividly. "I am very proud to be a Bihari and always acknowledge my roots. My most important formative experiences in Bihar is related to the education I received from my grandfather Hari Kishore Thakur who was a lawyer and a freedom fighter. He introduced me to the world of books and poetry. He could not wait to see me grow up fast enough. I remember reading Tolstoy's War and Peace when I was fifteen and spending the summer discussing it with him. My mother insisted that I read Hindi writers," she said while speaking to TOI.

Bhavna's academic background has been impressive and she currently works in one of New York's leading law firms. But it is her passion for theatre which is making news. In fact, she is the director of a non-profit making theatre company — Alter Ego Production. "Alter Ego is made up of people who work on Wall Street, finance, law, architecture, graphic design, marketing etc in New York City. A whole bunch of South Asian professionals who have day jobs but moonlights in the theatre," she said. Bhavna has even acted in several plays like Joseph Kesserling's Arsenic and old lace and Woody Allen's Don't drink the water. And, she has directed plays like Peter Brook's Mahabharata and has produced several plays through her company.
This is not the end, Anand kumar from Patna has been invited the prestigious IIM’s to deliver a talk to the first year students of IIM. You can read the complete story on Anand Kumar by our Cool Bihari member Sudhir Kumar of Bhojpuria fame here and here.

So just goes on to prove that Bihari talent is truly shining all over the world and no longer it can be ignored by anyone.The new role models of Bihar are shaping the future dreams of the new generation of Biharis who are not only diligent,ambitious and talent but also have a new found zeal of coming from a state which has produced some of the best minds …Kudos to Bihari talent…Cheers

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