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Support these Kids

In a small dingy room in Gaya along the mud-splattered pathways of Ishwarpur, the nimble fingers of an enthusiastic five-year-old play adroitly on a Tabla, a traditional percussion instrument.
This report suggests that many budding young musicians are slogging it out despite poverty and lack of facilities. All eager to treasure the legacy passed on to them as a practice being followed through generations.
These children come from poor families where the parents are often daily-wage labourers instead of any rich family where kids enjoy learning music classes during summer vacations paying hefty fees. They come to attend their music classes religiously following family tradition of learning music.
Even if many of the parents have left the village for better prospects in cities or far off places, some have opted to send their kids to learn music from volunteers. "We are earnestly teaching these children music because music is a means to win the biggest of hearts be it a criminal or God. We treat this as a prayer.
And the children are contributing," said Dev Anand, a music teacher. "Kids are learning with devotion, but there is hardly any future for them. Good results are unlikely if one is always worried about his or her food. Students are living a life without any facility at their disposal and security about future, but still they are maintaining a tradition. But for how long can this continue?
Music is a strict discipline. It needs both dedication and time at leisure. It is learnt in a carefree not in a constant tension about livelihood," says Pandit Rameshwar Pathak, a senior musician. The village has contributed a few musicians to the national stage but Pandit says that glory is long gone. With virtually no governmental support, it would be foolhardy to expect an encore.

We need people who can come forward to help them ....

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